10 weird facts about Tatsumaki


Tatsumaki’s skills and personality are well known, but there are a few obscure facts about Tornado of Terror that might surprise One-Punch Man fans .

Saitama is known for his incredible strength, but he’s not the only character in the series to possess a mind-boggling set of abilities.

We’ve witnessed Tatsumaki’s skill and headstrong personality  , but there are a few obscure facts about him that some OPM fans may not be familiar with. Let’s dive into 10 facts you probably never knew about Tatsumaki.

10- She could have conquered the golden sperm

Golden Sperm

Anime fans may not be quite familiar with Golden Sperm or its original form, Black Sperm. His on-screen appearance was not enlightening enough to understand his strength. On the other hand, fans who have read the manga / webcomic One-Punch Man know that he “defeated” Tatsumaki in a showdown. 

The point is, Tatsumaki had previously been weakened by Psykos , so the fight mentioned above shouldn’t serve as a testament to Sperm’s strength. ONE, the creator of Opm confirmed this in an interview where he briefly stated that, at his best, Tatsumaki would in fact have defeated this foe without a problem.

9- She is probably more powerful than Mob

Tatsumaki MOB

Shigeo Kageyama, aka Mob from Mob Psycho 100 , is a seemingly normal college student with an unpredictable array of supernatural skills. He possesses telekinetic talents , spiritual awareness, and an ability for astral projection.

Mob may seem like the perfect counterweight to Tatsumaki’s esper powers , but ONE (who created both series) admitted that the Tornado of Terror would inevitably win. He did however mention that if Kageyama got “serious” and came to unlock the stadium ??? %, the result could potentially be different. 

8- Tatsumaki sincerely respects King

Tatsumaki is generally not liked by the people she chats with, surely because of her cheeky and immature personality . On a related note, she hates having to collaborate with people and has a strained relationship with many other heroes, including her sister Fubuki.

Therefore, it is quite appalling that Tatsumaki actually respects King. Especially when you consider that King became an S-Class hero by sheer luck and actually doesn’t have any special skills. Rather, it is he, the “Hero” that Tornado should despise the most. 

7- She wears underwear

tornado of terror

Are normal people supposed to wonder if anime / manga characters are wearing underwear? Apparently, Madhouse’s animation team thinks this is a valid question. But in order to bring a character to life, as the studio does, you have to understand the elaborate design details … including the underwear.  One-Punch Man manga illustrator

Yusuke Murata mentioned that Madhouse inquired about Tatsumaki’s sartorial situation a few years ago. In case you missed it, the answer is yes. Tatsumaki wears underwear. Surely useful information for understanding the Opm series …

6- Tatsumaki is less powerful than Psychopoule


As it stands, Tatsumaki is considered the most powerful esper in the One-Punch Man universe . Its psychokinetic performance is believed to be superior to that of Psychopoule. Nonetheless, Boros’ loyal alien sidekick was technically more proficient than the S-class hero, a fact that Yusuke Murata himself has confirmed.

Psychopoule could literally eliminate the friction between physical objects and air, which not even Tatsumaki is capable of. In comparison, Tornado can throw massive objects, but the speed at which it can do so is limited.

5- Tornado loves candy apples

Tatsumaki One punch man

This fact was confirmed by Fubuki in an audiobook of One-Punch Man. She mentions that her sister is obsessed with candy apples and that she goes to festivals just to buy them. It’s a fun detail in itself, but it leads to a chance encounter which we’ll expand on later in this list.

Tatsumaki is so bitter and insulting that we can’t believe she appreciates a sweetness like candy. The concept is as ironic as the fact that she respects King for being a “real hero”. 

4- Tatsumaki is French

Illustrator Yusuke Murata once touched on the ethnicities of various One-Punch Man characters and said that the Psychic Sisters would be French in real life, that might explain Tatsumaki’s character. This means that Tatsumaki and Fubuki would likely be very familiar with, say, the Eiffel Tower … or croissants. 

In case you’re curious about the other characters chosen in this conversation, Genos would look German . Suiryu would be Italian, Bogosse Masqué is Korean and Choze could be Russian. 

3- One of his attacks was misinterpreted

Tatsumaki king of ancient times

Madhouse’s animation team misunderstood ONE’s intentions for a specific attack during Tatsumaki’s fight against the King of Ancient Times . ONE simply wanted a giant boulder to strike the creature, which would subsequently trigger a flashback to the meteor that destroyed his race.

What happened instead was that Tatsumaki pulled an actual meteor out of space and killed the King of Ancient Times with it. Murata noted that if the esper could have accomplished this, she could easily have brought down Boros’ ship. 

2- Tatsumaki has the power of a remote control

Tatsumaki tornado

Thanks to an additional chapter in volume 10 of One-Punch Man, titled “Tatsumaki’s Day of Rest”, we can confirm that Tornado is a remote control too. Seriously, she can control the TV channels using her psychic abilities. 

Tatsumaki, also known as ” Tornado of Terror ” or Terrible Tornado is an esper who perfectly masters his supernatural powers and gives Saitama a chance to get out of it. It’s a practical skill that most people wouldn’t even consider, especially with so many monsters going on rampage.

1- She actually met Saitama for the first time at a festival

Saitama Tatsumaki

We have already mentioned that Tatsumaki goes to festivals only to buy candy apples. We also noted that there was a chance meeting following his participation in these events. The person she met was Saitama and it happened in a haunted house.

Saitama thought Tornado was a lost child and she thought it was a ghost because his psychic powers were not working on him. Tatsumaki was completely frightened by the idea that S aitama was immune to her abilities.