All For One

All For One

All For One is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia Manga. He is the main antagonist of the Raid Against Alliance of Villains arc and is All Might’s arch nemesis.  

He’s a mysterious man with a completely distorted face who was defeated by superhero number 1 All Might and who is the founder of the League of Villains with his disciple, Tomura Shigaraki who will take over. After his loss, he was jailed, and Tomura took his place as leader of the league. However, following the war between the Paranormal Liberation Front, All For One manages to break free from his imprisonment and sets out to once again expand his army of villains.

All For One: Appearance of a Ugly Alters Thief

All For One Past

In the past, All For One appeared like a normal young man with a nice, well-tailored suit and short, white hair. However, his face is not fully shown. 
After his crushing defeat, he appears completely different from what he was before. His face is severely deformed , with a scar stretching from his upper lip to the back of his head and neck, causing him to lose his sight. He also has two tubes connected to his throat that allow him to breathe.  During fights against the Professional Heroes and All Might, All For One wore a mask with a skull-like structure that acts as a system that keeps it alive. 

Who is All For One?

All For One is a sinister and dangerous man who likes to manipulate people. He knows how to quickly put a plan in place and develop a complex strategy for his disciple Tomura to realize them, he is a great strategist . All For One wants to extend his influence and his power in Japan, he is a crazy individual who has lots of twisted ideas, he does not hesitate to exploit others and serve his own interests.  

All For One doesn’t believe in justice or a moral sense, it doesn’t have the same worldview as the heroes and feels beyond reality. His power and intelligence helps him master his plans. He justifies his crimes and all the lives he has stolen as a necessary evil to mend the society that arose along with the arrival of the Quirks. His presence and presence is enough to make many people tremble even professional heroes, when Yuei’s students saw him, they were scared to death, some burst into tears seeing the end approaching. 

A calm individual, All For One never gives in to panic , managing to keep his cool without any difficulty even in perilous situations. He puts Nomu at Tomura’s disposal without any pressure. When he heard that the Nomu who was supposed to kill All Might was arrested, he didn’t get angry, he just said it was a shame and no one could help him. He never builds up pressure, even in the face of his longtime nemesis All Might, All For One remains calm and cold. Even in his loss to All Might, he showed no sign of anger and was even content to have finished the career of the “symbol of peace”. Even when Tomura failed, All For One wasn’t angry, he knew his disciple was going to be able to try again with new allies. 

Despite his very cruel appearance, All For One seems to love Tomura and seems to want to help or protect him. All For One reached out to him despite his connection to Nana Shimura, he helped him when no one wanted, he guided him and gave him all the support he needed for his projects. When he failed, All For One reassured Tomura that he was going to be able to try again and mature and become a powerful villain.

The birth of One For All

All For one  seemed to have a rather peculiar sense of love for his little brother, who tried to rebel against him and despised his tyranny and the methods he used to gain power. Instead of killing his younger brother when he rebelled, All For One locked him up in hopes of changing him and committing him to his cause,  he gave his brother a  Quirk out of pity and kindness to make it more powerful. All For One has also shown that he has a genuine friendship with scientist Daruma Ujiko , 👨🏻‍⚕️ as he is the only one who respects the Doctor’s research. All For One even thanked the doctor from the heart and told him to be his friend. He  also showed that he treated his followers with respect. He said during his fight with All Might that he hated him for bringing down his comrades in the past, and he went out of his way to ensure that the League of Villains  escaped safely when the heroes attacked. 

It seems, however, that his relationship with Tomura is not really genuine, as the “All for One” will later appear as an illusory holdover in Tomura’s memories and an attempt to take control of his body, so that he can take it back. the “One for All” at Izuku Midoriya. However, All For One did not show a forced attempt to do so, even when Tomura resisted his will and even encouraged Tomura when he resisted (as it proved that Tomura was strong enough to be his. successor), even going so far as to tell Tomura to step aside and let his body heal.  Despite this, he will later have another chance and manage to grab Tomura’s body, intending to use it to break free from the prison.

Also, the All For One group seems to have a very strong obsession with getting their brother’s Quirk, One For All, and in addition, any Quirks they can get their hands on. He admits to having a bad habit of stealing and storing Quirks, even if he doesn’t really need them. All For One also admitted that once he sees a powerful Quirk (such as that of Tomoko Shiretoko aka Ragdoll), he can’t help but want her for himself.   

Despite his evil nature, All For One explained that the conscience of those whose Quirks he stole from made him feel discouraged. This means that he is at least capable of feeling some semblance of remorse towards his victims. But at the same time, he laughs at the idea that he is capable of such feelings, as it connects him with ordinary humans who are capable of feeling guilty for their wrongdoing, which shows how much he cares. considers itself to be evil.

The start of the villainous One For All

As the Quirks began to appear, a mysterious and sinister man was born with a powerful Quirk that allowed him to steal other Quirks. Under the name ” All For One “, he stole a lot of Alters from innocent people. His overwhelming power helped him rise in rank, allowing him to become the ruler of Japan, subduing his people by force. 

His younger brother, however, refused to submit to his bad ideas and habits. All For One explained to him that he was just trying to help people by granting them powers so that they could achieve their dreams, especially those who are weak. He believes he is trying to restore order to the world, but his brother does not want to hear him. He then demonstrates his power over two people who wanted their dreams to come true, a man who wanted his mutant jaw removed and a man who wanted power. Once he granted them their wishes, they sincerely thanked him, hoping to return the favor. Despite everything, his brother could see that he was only subjecting them to his will . 

The love of his little brother

All for one and his brother

Even though he didn’t love his brother because he seemed sick and weak, he still loved him because he was the only family he had left. All For One soon finds out that his brother refuses to eat whatever he gives him, hence his skinny appearance. All For One then decides, out of pity for his brother and to win his submission, to give him a powerful Quirk who can accumulate power. However, unbeknownst to them, his younger brother had an Quirk, that power was to transmit his power. The two Quirks merged, creating the most famous Quirk known as “One For All”. 

Like “One For All”, he fought his brother who proved unable to defeat him. All For One would then be dedicated to obtaining the powers of his brother by always fighting and killing the successor as it was passed down from generation to generation. One For All will eventually reach 7th user, Nana Shimura, who fought hard against All for One. Despite her best efforts, she was eventually killed by him, but not before she was able to transmit her power to Toshinori Yagi. Toshinori later became the pro hero known as All Might and ended up defeating All For One in a brutal fight, but unbeknownst to him, All For One managed to survive. 

Since then, All For One has remained hidden in the shadows, recovering from his injuries. During this time, he welcomed a young boy named Tenko Shimura, who was left alone under a bridge. He gave her a room with toys and games, as well as the hands of deceased family members and two crooks he killed. By naming him “Tomura Shigaraki”, All For One began to prepare to raise the young boy as his successor, as well as a giant juggernaut as a potential candidate. 


Tomura and All For One

After Tomura’s attempt to kill All Might at USJ failed, Tomura was returned to hideout with Kurogiri. Tomura complained to his master, saying the plan was ultimately a failure.  His master, speaking to the screen, tells him that nothing has gone wrong and that this was just the start of the rise of Tomura Shigaraki , who has become the biggest fear in society.

Arc AU Arc Sports Festival

Tomura shigaraki

As Tomura watched the UA Sports Festival live, his mentor advised him to specifically observe Izuku Midoriya, stating that over time he could become an issue he will eventually have to deal with.

Arc Stain


When the hero slayer, Stain, was brought in by the league, he refused to join their ranks and instead attacked them , crippling Tomura and Kurogiri with his Quirk. Kurogiri asks if he should try to intervene, but All For One stops him, stating that it’s a good thing Tomura is learning from his mistakes.

After Stain’s capture, All For One was pleased to see how things go. He believes Tomura will be able to create a new gang of villains and lead them. Her doctor, however, expressed doubts, saying All For One would be able to get things done faster. All For One then says he should hurry to mend his injuries. He then states that he will allow Tomura to continue in his role as successor, saying All Might should celebrate while he can, as his time is about to run out. 

The Arc of Raid vs. the Super-Villains Alliance 

When Katsuki Bakugo was kidnapped by the league, he was pursued by Tomura, who tried to convince him to join their ranks. Bakugo refused and instead attacked Tomura . As the heroes are on their way, Tomura asks his master to lend him his power, to which All For One responds that it is a good decision on Tomura’s part.

Eventually, All For One decides to take action himself. After the league has been attacked and pinned down by the best professional heroes and the police, All For One then proceeds to destroy the entire hideout, then start sending Nomu to help Tomura, after defeating a few Pro Heroes. He is then confronted with Best Jeanist, who managed to reduce the impact of the destruction of All For One. All For One is impressed, but nonetheless proceeds to his kill. He refuses to take his Quirk and instead leaves it in its dead state. 

All For One ends up bringing Katsuki and the bad guys to him, apologizing for all the chaos that has happened. He then confronts Tomura, stating that although he failed, he is neither disappointed nor angry with him. On the contrary, he believes that Tomura can continue to improve as much as he can.

All For One vs All Might

All for One vs One for All

All Might then suddenly appears in action and begins to clash with his nemesis, resulting in the long-awaited revenge between the two. All Might assures him that this time around he will make sure that the One for All is put down for good, only to be taken out by the villain afterwards. All For One then uses Kurogiri’s Warp Gate and sends the villains to escape, including Tomura.

All For One then engages in combat with All Might once again, using Gran Torino as a shield to repel All Might’s attacks. 🛡 In doing so, he expresses his hatred for the hero who brought him and his comrades down in society and ensures that he will suffer a lot. All Might finally manages to ward off Gran Torino, then attacks All For One by destroying his mask.

All For One then begins to make fun of All Might, in order to break him psychologically. He mentions his late mentor, Nana Shimura, and the failure she suffered, which angered All Might.  After explaining that she was insignificantly dead, All Might prepared to attack her once more, only to then blow himself up. All For One then expresses that he doesn’t just want to kill him, but has to die slowly in the most painful and horrific way possible. All For One then sends him another blow, but to block him. However, in the process, All For One was able to reduce him to his true form, revealing his puny form to the world and destroying the myth of the mighty pillar of justice.

The rise of All For One.

Despite this, All Might continues the fight, believing he still has hope in his frail body. Eventually, All For One decides to completely destroy his morale, revealing the shocking truth to him; Tomura Shigaraki is Shimura’s grandson. This causes All Might to be reduced to a state of devastation, in which All For One mocks him by showing him how he suddenly lost his smile, the brilliant hope he would bring to people. However, All Might was finally able to get the better of his emotions thanks to the motivation acquired by the pro heroes and the civilians around him who cotinued to encourage him.and support it despite its true form. Thus, it encourages All Might to give everything, once and for all. All For One then decides to do everything as well, using a variety of Quirks he stole to give him a huge boost. 

All Might completes All For One.

During an intense battle, All Might finally managed to finish off All For One with his final knockout: United States of Smash . The impact of that final blow knocked out All for One and was jailed. As a result of the battle, All Might ultimately lost all that was left of the One For All in him. 

All For One was then placed in Tartarus, a criminal prison where even the death penalty is not a good punishment. While there, All For One expresses his joy, stating that he wasn’t upset by his loss to All Might and instead believes he actually won. Due to his current condition, All For One believes that Tomura’s hatred for All Might will continue to grow stronger and over time he will grow to be strong enough to inherit his power.

Arc Hero License Exam

While at Tartarus, All For One finally received a visit from his nemesis, All Might, who decided it was time to settle old scores in a conversation. All For One talks about security, in which he believes the prison is modeled in the form of Tartarus. All For One then proceeds to taunt All Might, asking him if he still works as a hero, much to All Might’s chagrin. All Might simply asks him where Shigaraki is, but All For One states that he has no idea. All Might wants to know what he’s trying to accomplish behind all of this. 

All For One explains to him that they are essentially similar. While All Might wants to be a hero, a justice, All For One wants to be an evil king and he wants to pursue his own ideologies for eternity. Confused, All Might wonders why he even bothered to find a successor, in which All For One laughs, stating it’s because All Might took everything he built from him.

All for One destroyed All Might’s company 

All For One then quickly asks how the company is operating now, now that All Might is retired. All Might refuses to exchange information, but nonetheless, All For One makes a prediction that society is currently living in fear and is slowly losing faith in its heroes.  He believes that those who have been sidelined from society will commit to shaping society in their image. All For One then asks how All Might is feeling, knowing that there is nothing else he can do just yet.

Despite everything All For One has said, All Might is unaffected by his words. On the contrary, he will make sure that his vision of the company never comes true and that he stays alive to see it. All Might then leaves his cell, telling him that he can sit there for the rest of his life. As he leaves, All For One laughs.

Hero’s Arc Pro 

As All For One continues to be locked away in Tartarus, he later revealed that he cannot return the Quirks to their original masters once a certain amount of time has passed. He expresses his joy at not being able to help it, because it is one of his bad habits. As soon as he sees a good Quirk, he takes the opportunity to steal it and use it before the time for his return is up. 

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

During the events between the War of Heroes and Villains, Naomasa and Gran Torino had approached All For One about Kurogiri, after discovering that he had been made from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo. When asked how exactly he makes the Nomu , All For One described the process similar to that of producing wine. 

Later that day, a remnant of All For One appears in Tomura’s mind, who is currently unconscious inside his container for the time being. This is where All For One reveals to Tomura that the operation performed on him gave him access to the original version of his Quirk, as All For One has been using a duplicate version during that time. As Tomura approaches him, remnants of his family attempt to pull him back, but he just ignores them and walks towards his master.

Eventually, Tomura wakes up from his condition and accesses the Quirk of All For One . However, during his battle with the heroes, Tomura begins to hear All For One’s voice in his head as he makes strange statements like calling Izuku a “little brother.” All For One tells him to claim Izuku Midoriya for the power of “One For All,” but Tomura refuses, as he intends to embark on the path of wickedness, a path that will allow him to become greater than All For One. 

The manipulation of Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura shigaraki

Thereafter, Tomura continues to fight the heroes once more. He is badly injured by Endeavor’s attacks, but he is able to stand up nonetheless. All For One then takes the opportunity to take control of his body. As a result, using Tomura’s body, All For One uses his original Quirk. In doing so, he manages to stab Katsuki Bakugo. He then grabs Izuku himself, in which he sends him to a realm where he watches Tomura being held back by All For One. Nana Shimura then appears alongside Izuku, much to All For One’s surprise, as he mocks her by calling her pathetic and incompetent.

He then explains the situation they find themselves in, where he has heard people changing after having an organ transplant and where he is the strangest of the bunch, in which he has dreams where he hears the voices of people whose Quirks he has stolen from, which discourages him and makes him feel guilty. However, once he gave up that power, those voices vanished from his head. All For One believes that the Alters as a whole contain the consciousness of its original holder and liken it to how organs contain the DNA of other people. He also believes that with his particular Quirk, he was unique among them all as he could combine Quirks with others and interact with those voices.

All For One then realized that his brother possessed this same trait with One For All, as he passed on his consciousness and that of others to future generations. All For One then realizes Tomura’s hatred for him and his grandmother, much to his amusement as his anger causes One For All’s will to collapse. All For One’s brother then appears, and together he and Nana try to resist Tomura’s rage, as they wish to stay with Izuku Midoriya. All For One then decides that he and Tomura must combine their powers together in order to achieve their goal of wresting One For All from Izuku . However, the heroes manage to resist against the will of the villains, resulting in the separation of Izuku and Tomura.

All For One Body Liberation

All for one Tartare

Realizing that their plan has turned against them somewhat, All For One tells Tomura that he must retreat for now, in order to allow his body to regain its full strength, but Tomura refuses. Despite this, Tomura’s body eventually passed out. Eventually, Gigantomachia arrives in combat with the rest of the remaining forces. Spinner manages to keep Tomura away from the battlefield as Dabi and Gigantomachia fight against the heroes .  All For One then takes control of Tomura’s body again, as he takes note of his loyal allies and his hatred that fuels his power on a larger scale. 

Eventually, Dabi, Spinner, and Skeptic manage to escape with Tomura’s body, as All For One sent Near High-End Nomus to fight the heroes, while the rest of Near High-End Nomus helped them leave the battlefield. Still in possession of All For One, All For One plots to break into Tartarus with the Near High-End Nomus in order to free his main body.

Eventually, he arrives at the prison by riding a flying Nomu, where Tomura begins to regain control and attempts to fight All For One for control of his body. Tomura says he will not be All For One’s pawn, but All For One assures him that he is more than a pawn, that he will become the “next me”. For All For One then finds his body deep beneath land, below sea level, noticing that the water pressure will kill him and Tomura’s body weakens, so he needs the other villains. He plans a cooperative operation with a conscience shared among the prisoners and proceeds to the escape of all prisoners from their cell blocks, including himself. All For One succeeds in recovering his own body, and reunites with Tomura, proclaiming that he will become the greatest demonic lord of all.

With its new allies and its Nomus Near High-End army, All For One continues to expand its forces by raiding seven other prisons, removing many dangerous inmates. In possession of Tomura’s body once again, All For One communicates with Dabi, Spinner and Skeptic, celebrating the success of their preparatory work and asking them to keep Tomura’s body. When Spinner asks who he really is, All For One assures him that he’s not afraid and that he respects Tomura’s will, that he just needs more time for Tomura’s body to be perfected.

What is the All for One Quirk? 

All For One is arguably the most powerful villain in the series. With his immense strength and power, he was able to rule Japan through fear and tyranny and submit people to his will using his power. His status as an iconic symbol of evil was so feared by many that information about him was kept secret so that the future never had to know about the Dark Ages of Quirks. The only people who could have stood a chance against him were the users of One for All, and even then it took eight successors for the Quirk to finally be strong enough to defeat All for One .

His sinister evil influenced even villains outside of the League of Villains who would either seize the opportunity to become the next ruler of the underworld or destroy the current society of the Quirks. Stain and Kai Chisaki are notable examples.

Different All For One Alters:

All For One: This powerful Quirk allows him to steal people’s powers and be able to use them. He can combine multiple Quirks to unleash powerful attacks. More than stealing Quirks, he can also drop Quirks, so he can make weak people extremely dangerous . During the anime, he stole a lot of power from a lot of people.

Research: Stolen from the famous  professional heroine Ragdoll, this power allows you to monitor 100 people, know their strengths and weaknesses. 

Teleportation: Alter similar to Kurogiri’s portals, All For One can use liquids of black colors which acts as a portal. This power is powerful, we saw that it could teleport many Nomus from the lair of the super villains. This Quirk, however, cannot teleport people or objects that All For One does not share a close bond with.

Air cannon: powerful projection Quirk , All for One can launch a powerful shock wave, it can make this Quirk even more powerful thanks to its other Quirks which boost its power.

Forced Alter Activation: Able to activate Quirks against the will of their users, this ability can be used even if a user is unconscious. Appendages come out of these fingers and stick to the target then activate the Quirk. We have already seen this Quirk used on Kurogiri, All for One used the Force Portal Quirk to unintentionally create a new portal. 

Impact Reflection : Alter capable of reflecting an attack , this power works like a mirror and reflects any attack back to its user

Infrared ray: thanks to this Quirk, All For One can understand its environment, feel the curves, the distances and overcome its blindness. The weak point of this power is its limited use. 

Air Walk: This power allows All For One to levitate in the sky. 

Life Force: According to All Might, All For One has acquired an Quirk that allows him to live for much longer than a normal human , making him virtually immortal . This power is later revealed to be the alter of the original life force imparted to him by Daruma Ujiko.

Musculoskeletal Coil: This Quirk increases the physical prowess of each individual, as well as the power of their other Quirks.

Proliferation: All For One uses this Quirk to create multiple weapons for him.

Hypertrophy: All For One uses this power to increase the size of their arm. 

Rivet: This Quirk creates rivet-like growths on the arm of All For One.

Possession: All For One gives the current user a mental connection to previous ones, due to their psyche’s imprint on power. As a result, Tomura begins to display his master’s personality traits upon receiving the Quirk and can speak to him inside a mysterious realm in his mind, similar to One for All. If he is able to extend his willpower enough, the “All for One” can even take control of Tomura’s body , albeit temporarily.

The capabilities of All For One 

The intelligence of the genius : All For One is a really smart villain. True mastermind of the league, he is also the one who plots against the heroes. He also seems to have a good knowledge of the Quirks he has stolen, as shown in the explanation of the pros / cons of his Transmission Quirk.  This allows him to use his Quirk creatively, as a means of creating devastating attacks. In addition, he shows great skill in psychological warfare and guerrilla warfare, as evidenced by his mentally mocking All Might to the point of bringing out rage and despair in the peace symbol. . ☮

Charisma: combined with his great intelligence and power, as well as his calm and controlled temperament. All For One has a lot of charisma and has managed to rally dozens of people to its cause and help it in its tyranny. 

Manipulation: All For One was also able to rally supporters through persuasion, manipulation, and exploitation. With his ability to take and give Quirks, he manipulated a lot of them into his pawns, which allowed him to establish himself throughout Japan.

 Immense Strength: All For One possesses a massive degree of super strength, as he is able to easily send All Might through buildings with his bare hands. Because of this, it took all of All Might’s power to defeat him a second time. 

Immense Speed: All For One is blazingly fast , as demonstrated by his victory over the Pro Heros in the League of Villains warehouse in just a fraction of a second.

Immense durability: All For One has been shown to have extreme durability. He was able to withstand many hard knocks from All Might, as well as survive his last hit, United States of Smash .

Improved Senses: Although he has lost his sight, All For One is able to perceive his surroundings through sound, thanks to his hearing. He can also feel the vibrations in the air. 

Overall, All For One is an extremely cunning and powerful villain. In his prime, he was able to reduce One For All’s use of All Might by leaving a huge, healed wound under his chest. Despite his own fatal wounds received during his fight against All Might, he still shows his immense power and strength, as well as his great tactical knowledge. He is also able to go against and bring down other Pro Heroes with ease.

The All For One and Tomura Shigaraki relationship

– All For One’s relationship with Tomura Shigaraki is identical to All Might’s relationship with Izuku Midoriya. Like All Might, All For One believes that Tomura Shigaraki will not only become a great successor to the League of Villains, but also a great villain in general. He also recognizes Tomura’s childish nature, giving him the opportunity to teach him how to become a villain . He is also kind to her, as he has ensured that Tomura will always be able to learn from his failures.

This is why Tomura Shigaraki considers All For One his ideal mentor and inspiration, just as Izuku Midoriya considers All Might.
Despite his childish demeanor, it seems one can deduce that All For One admires Tomura’s personality in a weird way. When he beat Best Jeanist, he refuses to take his Quirk off him, because he thinks that “it would not match Tomura’s personality”.

As the series progresses, their relationships begin to clash clearly: All Might has retreated from heroism and dedicated his life to mentoring Izuku, while All For One has forced his ambition on Tomura and literally has took control of it, causing conflict due to their different and infamous end goals. 
The name of All For One is clearly an antithesis of the name of All Might’s power, “One For All”. While “One For All” is a power that essentially grants others amazing powers and abilities, “All For One” takes all of these powers and abilities for one person, thus showing the selfish and arrogant side of “All For One. “himself.
All For One is the series’ first villainto be named after his own Quirk, the second being Overhaul.
All For One’s mask, survival system, and dark clothing are similar to Darth Vader’s appearance. 

Although All Might is not the most beloved character in history, he is a central point in the development of the storyline. One thing is certain, the continuation of the manga promises many surprises! 

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