Big Mom’s crew

Big Mom's crew

Led by Charlotte Linlin, the Big Mom Pirates are a powerful and infamous crew whose total capture bounty reaches Berrys 10,251,500,000.  Such a bonus demonstrates the dangerousness and threat that this crew represents in the eyes of the World Government. In addition, he is the main antagonist of the Tougato Arc and is one of the major antagonists in the Four Emperors saga. Its stronghold is on the island of Tougato (Whole Cake Island) in the Totto Land archipelago which is a powerful nation ruled by their captain Charlotte Linlin. Discover this terrifying crew with us through this article.

Captain Charlotte Linlin

Captain Charlotte Linlin

At the head of this crew, we therefore find the only woman being a member of the legendary four Emperors, Charlotte Linlin alias Big Mom . This crew is structured from and around the Charlotte Family which therefore consists of Linlin herself as a matriarch and her 85 children including 46 sons and 39 daughters. In addition, let us note that Big Mom does not stop marrying powerful men to make allies of them and, at the same time, to increase the strength of its crew. In addition, her children themselves get married and their husbands and wives come to join this large family.

As Queen of Totto Land, she has the ambition to transform this archipelago into a utopian universe where all races could dwell together in harmony, without any form of segregation or discrimination of any kind. Let us quickly note that it was the Supernovae Eustass Kid who revealed his pseudonym Big Mom at the end of the famous Battle of Marine Ford. As for his real name, it was unveiled by the starfish Pappug on the native land of the Pisces-men and the Mermaids, the Isle of the Pisces-men.

Devil Fruit Soru Soru no Mi

Devil Fruit Soru Soru no Mi

Charlotte Linlin ate a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Soru Soru no Mi. The latter gives him the ability to interact with the souls of human beings and manipulate them as he pleases. In particular, she has the ability to remove the souls of her victims by capturing them in the form of substance and thus reduce their lifespan. She then absorbs these souls into herself and if she removes enough soul pieces from the person’s body, the person does not survive.  Thus, Big Mom can easily take down an opponent just by removing pieces of his soul and shorten his lifespan up to several years or even kill him. Subsequently, Charlotte Linlin has the possibility of inserting these souls as well into an inanimate object so that it comes to life as into an animal to transform it into a human. These new beings are called Homies. Thanks to these, the

Another possibility with this Devil Fruit is to create humanoid beings of black color which are called incarnations and whose task will be to absorb souls. Charlotte Linlin uses this power in this case to allow people to live in Totto Land by offering six months of their life. It is his incarnations that collect the soul pieces of these people. Note that the Soru Soru no Mi has similarities with the Kage Kage no Mi , with the difference that the user does not have the possibility of injecting souls neither in corpses nor in a human. In addition, the Soru Soru no Mi has weaknesses other than those classic to all Fruits of the Devil. First of all, its effectiveness is less on people who have no fear of death. Jinbe “The Paladin of the Seas”, member and helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates . Another of its weaknesses is that Homies created from this Devil Fruit, but which do not come from Charlotte Linlin’s soul, are weak against the power of the Fruit of Resurrection or Yomi Yomi no Mi. Moreover, these Homies can also faint in the event that the user exteriorizes their soul. Note finally that this Devil Fruit was previously in the possession of Mother Caramel alias Yamamba, the witch of the mountains, who was part of the Community of Shadows or the Underworld and was trafficker of orphans. She took care of Charlotte Linlin when she was young in her orphanage called La Bergerie.

General Sweet

General Sweet

As previously described, the Big Mom Pirates are structured around their family, and more specifically around their children who make up a major part of their crew. Thus, Charlotte Linlin established three of her children at the rank of senior officers of her entire fleet, they represent the highest authority within her crew, with the exception of the Captain herself. They were also chosen for the respect they arouse in other members and their fighting skills better than those of others. These three characters were named the Three Sweet Commanders, which is translated into French as the Three Sweet Generals. These have the highest capture bounties revealed to date in the series, demonstrating the level of threat they pose to the World Government. Note that the Sweet Generals were previously four in number, the fourth being Charlotte Snack, the 25th son and 44th child of the Charlotte Family. Unfortunately, he was stripped of his post for being defeated by Urouge the Mad Monk during the ellipse. For the current Three Sweet Generals, it is:

Charlotte Cracker aka Cracker aux Mille Bras

Charlotte Cracker aka Cracker aux Mille Bras10th son and 15th child of the large Charlotte Family, he is the oldest of the triplets composed of Charlotte Custard and Charlotte Angel. In addition to being one of the Three Sweet Commanders, he is also Biscuit Minister and governs Biscuit Island, one of the 34 islands forming the Totto Land archipelago and neighboring Whole Cake Island. His task is in particular to supervise the production as well as the distribution of the cookies to all those who need them. Considering his position within the crew, his power must be considerable. He is also terribly feared by the Homies as well as by his subordinate Randolph alias Fighting on Crane who is a rabbit Homie. His capture bonus amounted to 860,000,000 Berrys and during the ellipse he defeated the Supernovae Urouge who had beatenCharlotte Snack, the fourth Sweet Commander. Big Mom attributes great confidence to Cracker’s ability to defeat Luffy after he had defeated Don Quixote Doflamingo. In terms of powers, Cracker has an aptitude similar to the Haki of Kings but which is not really if one believes Monkey D. Luffy.

In addition, he masters the Haki of the Observation and the Haki of the Armament with which he reinforces his sabers, his armor as well as his shield.  Still according to Luffy, Cracker’s Combative Fluid is the most impressive he’s had to deal with to date. You could even say that his Armament Haki was more powerful than Luffy’s at times as he managed to injure him while the Straw Hat pirate was using his Gear Fourth. Cracker is also the holder of a Paramecia type Devil Fruit, the Bisu Bisu no Mi. The latter allows him to create a whole bunch of cookies and make them look the way he wants. These cookies can be used in particular as armor or soldiers. He notably has several bisque armor and is often seen in a giant bisque armor as can be seen on his capture notice. Thanks to the power of his Devil Fruit, he is also able to create shields made from cookies. To finish with this character, he has a large double-edged sword as a weapon. Having a biscuit-shaped hilt called the Pretzel, this sword is the same size as him and he considers it unique and unparalleled. He also has great skill in handling this sword and, despite its large size, it manages to attack with great rapidity without any problem. Note that his biscuit soldiers wield one, or even several, replica of his Bretzel sword also made with biscuit.

Charlotte smoothie

Charlotte smoothieCharlotte smoothie: she is the 14th daughter and 35th child of the Charlotte Family. She is the result of the union between Charlotte Linlin and a member of the Long-Leg Tribe, which makes her a hybrid. She has two tripled sisters, namely Charlotte Citron and Charlotte Cinnamon, of whom she is the eldest. Smoothie rules 100% Island over the Totto Land Archipelago as Minister of Juice. Note that even if she has great respect for her mother, she is also scared to death, especially when Big Mom is in a food crisis. The World Government sees Charlotte Smoothie as a big threat as her bounty reaches 932,000,000 Berrys. You should know that the physical strength of Smoothie is equal to its size. She can lift a person of normal height with one hand and then crush by pressing it with both hands with great ease. Added to that, she ate theShibo Shibo no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that makes her a Desiccant Human and allows her to fully wring out a living being from her bodily fluids.

These then become juice that can be consumed and whose taste would be delicious according to those who have taken it. This power is not limited to living beings, but also concerns inanimate objects and matter like when Smoothie dried up a volcanic rock to draw out a glass of lava that she offered to drink to her guests. In addition, she can also use this ability on herself to flush poison out of her body. She can also absorb liquids from her targets to increase her size and become a giant. And if she consumes a huge amount of juice, she can come out like destructive blades. Like Charlotte Cracker, she is proficient in both the Haki of Weapons and the Haki of Observation. As a weapon,

Charlotte katakuri

Charlotte katakuriCharlotte Katakuri : this is the 2nd son and 3rd child of Charlotte Linlin’s family. Like the two previous Sweet Generals, he is part of a hat-trick with his two brothers Charlotte Oven and Charlotte Daifaku, of which he is the oldest of the three. He administers the Isle of Wheat as Minister of Flour. Being very faithful to his mother, he is ready to do anything to protect her and to get rid of all those who threaten her. He poses a great threat to the World Government, hence his extremely high premium of 1,057,000,000 Berrys. Admittedly, even Capone “Gang” Bege who is one of Eleven Supernavoe thinks he is an extreme threat.

In addition, the other members of the crew consider that Katakuri is the strongest of the Three Sweet Generals. As proof, he managed to easily and without damage beat Vinsmoke Ichiji alias Sparking Red, the eldest son of the Vinsmoke Family and commander of the paramilitary organization Germa 66 while he possesses superhuman strength having been genetically modified.  Another proof of his power is that he was able to overpower Carrot, the rabbit Mink part of the Musketeers and Royal Bird Unit, in a single blow while the latter has lightning speed and uses the technique of Electro. Katakuri’s physical strength, speed, and accuracy are so monstrous that he is able to throw jelly beans as if it is were real bullets and kill people even from very far away. His speed at attacking is such that even Luffy being an expert in Observation Haki couldn’t react in time.

Charlotte katakuriKatakuri consumed the Mochi Mochino Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit , which gives him the ability to create Mochi, control it, or even transform into Mochi as much as he wants. This power allows him in particular to create jelly balls, but also to lengthen his legs in order to trap his opponents. He has also improved the abilities of his Devil Fruit; he is now able to change inorganic materials into mochi, which gives him better range for his attacks and a better capture field. In addition, he knows how to master the three types of Hakis known to date.

Besides, his Observation Haki is so developed that he is able to see into the future as when he discovered a revenge plot targeting his mother Big Mom before it happened seconds later. . With his Armament Haki, he managed to injure Monkey D. Luffy by impregnating his mochi leg with the Combative Fluid. Also, when he uses his Zan Giri Mochi technique, his Haki becomes like flames much like Big Mom’s Haki and Luffy’s Gear Fourth. Katakuri is also able to call upon the Royal Fluid as when he unleashed an incredible Shard of Haki of Kings at the same time as Luffy in order to knock out Charlotte Flampe who wanted to reveal everything about the Totto Land Archipelago.



Apart from the Sweet Generals, other members of the Big Mom crew have a special position. These fighters have fairly high capture bonuses, some exceeding 100,000,000 Berrys and even reaching 400,000,000 Berrys. Their tasks are distributed according to the pieces of a chess game:

  • The Towers are responsible for protecting important events like Big Mom’s famous Tea Party. We therefore think of  Capone Bege who occupied the rank of Tour before he revolted and sought to kill his stepmother Charlotte Linlin.
  • Then comes the rank of Cavaliers  held by some like Baron Tamago who comes from the Long-Legs Tribe. With his colleague the lion Mink Pekoms, he is in particular in charge of collecting the tons of sweets that must be paid monthly by the inhabitants of the underwater island of the Fish-Men in exchange for the protection of Charlotte Linlin and otherwise they risk to be wiped out. Big Mom also entrusted him with the security of the treasure room with Charlotte Smoothie.
  • Then there are the Fools like Bobbin alias the Radin or the Repairer . The latter was tasked with setting fire to an island which was unable to deliver the ten tons of sweets expected monthly by Big Mom. He accomplished his mission brilliantly with other comrades by his side.

The same goes for the Homies who are part of Big Mom’s enraged army and whose role is to protect the treasure room. Depending on their power, they embody a piece of a chess set ranging from a simple pawn to a king:

  • The Pawn Soldiers having a pink heart-shaped shield. They constitute the infantry and serve as scouts.
  • Mad Soldiers who have a yellow tile shaped shield. They also serve as infantry.
  • With their blue shield in the shape of a pike, the Cavaliers also constitute the infantry.
  • Like the previous ones, the Tour Soldiers with their green clover-shaped shield serve as an infantry troop.
  • Then there are those who lead the various infantry troops, the Queen Soldiers. Another of his tasks is to report crucial information to ministers.
  • Finally, there are the King Soldiers who serve Big Mom and report important information to her. They are also in charge of wearing the photo of Mother Caramel during major events such as Tea Party. 



As it was said above, the Homies are objects or animals which have been transformed by the one who ate the Soru Soru no Mi and which are embodiments of it. Pretty much anything can become a Homie the moment he receives a Soul Shard breathed in by Big Mom. These can be inanimate objects (furniture, boats, buildings, etc.), plants or animals and even pieces of the ground, mountains, or even meteorological phenomena (clouds, sun, rainbows). -sky, etc.). The Homies created by Charlotte Linlin cannot revolt against her. In addition, Big Mom used the power of her Devil Fruit to create three particular Homies:

  • Zeus, the Black Cloud that she can summon with her left hand. This is the Lightning Cloud which is capable of causing storms in association with another special Homie: Prometheus. In the past, these two Homies had already caused a raging storm that was hurled on the Pirates of the Depraved Monks of Urouge. Zeus is able to create terrible thunderstorms with lightning bolts, but also to pour syrup. His strength is so great that he is able to carry Big Mom through the air.
  • Prometheus, the Homie Sun can be summoned by Big Mom with his right hand. This is a big yellow sun made from a piece of Charlotte Linlin’s soul. It is therefore more powerful than other classic Homies. It is capable of flying and producing extremely powerful flames as well as explosions. His power is such that he managed to damage Vinskome Reiju while she was wearing her special Raid Suit. Prometheus is also able to increase his size to become gigantic and annihilate everything in his path, including King Baum, the enormous Monarch Homie tree of the Forest of Temptation located on Tougato Island.
  • Napoleon, a b homie hat in the shape of a pink cocked hat worn by Charlotte Linlin on the head. First of all, it has the particularity of owning a piece of Big Mom’s soul. His will is strong enough to be able to resist the power of the Fruit of Resurrection or Yomi Yomi no Mi eaten by Brook the Honeymooner. Another of his abilities is to be able to pick up signals from Whole Cake Castle in Sweet City, the capital of the Archiple of Totto Island. He can then relay all the information received from the other Homies to Big Mom. Also inside this cocked hat is a sword that can retract and that Big Mom can grab at any time to fight. Napoleon can also use it himself to attack.



Apart from all of those already mentioned, the Big Mom Pirates have many other well-known subordinate crews. This is notably the case of the Sun Pirates’ Crew, composed only of Fishmen and whose captain was none other than the former Captain Corsaire Jinbe “The Paladin of the Seas”.  There was also the Firetank Pirates whose captain, Capone “Gang” Bege, married Charlotte Chiffon, the 22nd daughter and 52nd child of the Charlotte Family. Note that if Jinbe subsequently became the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, Capone Bege rebelled against Big Mom and wanted to assassinate him. Let us also not forget to mention the paramilitary organization under the orders of the Vinsmoke Family, the Germa 66, which was to become subordinate of the Big Mom Pirates. However, this expectation was only a stunt on the part of the Emperor who wanted to exterminate all the Germa commanders and seize all of their technology and military power.

The jolly roger of the Big Mom crew

The jolly roger of the Big Mom crew

The Big Mom Pirates sports a pirate flag featuring a skull with a fluffy bottom, depicting Big Mom’s hair, and candy canes crisscrossing at the back instead of the classic bones. We can see in particular a candy cane on the right and three others stacked on the left. This skull has thick red lips and wears a pirate tricorn hat. Note also that a crown is placed on the head of the bow of Big Mom’s ship, and above this crown, we can notice a kind of cake and candles.

Like the members of the Whitebeard Pirates, Big Mom’s pirates have a less sophisticated Jolly Roger. It’s just a skull with crossbones on the back. However, the difference is in the thick lips still present. It should also be noted that Charlotte Linlin also has a personal and unique Jolly Roger. He sits on his tricorn and shows off a rather classic skull with crisscrossing os bones and several swirling flame-like patterns. Subsequently, when Big Mom’s appearance has been fully revealed, on her living hat (Homie) we notice an entirely different Jolly Roger. This time, the latter was showing swords instead of crossbones. As for the skull, its eyes have pupils and an open mouth. On the other hand,

Crew ships

Crew ships

The queen mama Sing

The queen mama Sing

The current main ship of the Big Mom Pirates is a homie called Queen Mama Chanter . Indeed, it was originally a totally normal ship, but after absorbing a soul fragment from an inhabitant, it became a homie ship with a human attitude. It is a gigantic and imposing ship because it is twenty times the size of the Thousand Sunny . On the one hand, this boat eerily resembles a giant cake (which is no surprise given Big Mom’s love for treats). On the other hand, it is as if the whole ship is alive.

The figurehead has morphed into a singing tricorn clown. Likewise, the ship’s doors display a face and are able to open on their own. The main mast of the Queen Mama Chanter has been fitted with three sails. The Jolly Roger of the Big Mom Crew can be seen on the first and the latter’s name is written in large. As for the third veil, a crown has been engraved on it, certainly to represent the royalty of Charlotte Linlin. This ship has a main part in the center and two small islets on the sides. In addition, both sides have several cannons.

Perospero ship

As Charlotte Linlin’s first child and eldest son, Charlotte Perospero owns her own ship. And as the Candy Minister governing Candy Island, the appearance of his boat has been personalized according to this theme. The figurehead looks notably like a candy and the masts of the ship were designed like candy canes. In addition, the main sail contains the Candy inscription.

Daifuku ship

This is also the case for the third son and fourth child of the Charlotte Family, namely Charlotte Daifuku . He also has his personal boat, the appearance of which has been modified according to the theme of the Minister of Beans that he is. You can see on the first sail of his ship and his name written in large.

Bavarian ship

There is also Charlotte Bavarois , the twenty-sixth son and 45th child of the Charlotte Family, who also has at her disposal her personal ship. The latter has been personalized according to its appearance. The figurehead is displayed with a head wearing a Bavarian cap and on one of the sails of the ship is also inscribed his name.

Custard’s ship

Custard's ship

Responding to the name of Charlotte Custard , the sixth daughter and 16th child of the Charlotte Family is also in possession of her own ship and whose appearance has been copied from hers. The figurehead shows the face of a smiling young woman with the same cut and hair color as Custard. On her hair has been placed a flower as she wears on her own hair. Like the others, the main sail of his ship has his name written in large.

Mona Lisa ship

The 27th daughter and 59th child of the Charlotte Family are called  Charlotte Joconde and she also owns her personal ship. As a simple pirate, his ship has been customized to his own appearance. The figurehead displays a head wearing a knight’s helmet with a long spike at the top like Mona Lisa herself.


The Big Mom Pirates also have at their disposal several small ships which they named Pies and which moreover look like pies with different fruits. They are numbered and the word Tarte is also inscribed on their shell. Their first sail also features Big Mom’s Jolly Roger. Each of these ships has multiple cannons that allow them to sink any enemy ship.

The Story of the Big Mom Pirates

The Story of the Big Mom Pirates

The story of the Big Mom Pirates began over sixty years ago. It all started when six-year-old Charlotte Linlin met a former pirate by the name of Streusen. The latter is the first member who joined Big Mom to be his Chef after he witnessed the disappearance of the children de la Bergerie as well as Mother Caramel.at Linlin’s birthday party. This is how the Big Mom Pirates came into being. Subsequently, pursuing her utopian dream of creating a world free from discrimination and segregation, she also sought to turn her family into giants so that she could look down on people. To achieve this, she offered the services of a scientist by the name of César Clown so that he could do experiments on the giantification of human beings. Unfortunately, the research came to nothing and Caesar Clown vanished with all the money entrusted to him by the Emperor.

Subsequently, during the two-year ellipse, four pirate crews part of the group called the Worst Generation attempted to invade the Totto Land Archipelago but to no avail. The first three were  the Eustass Kidd Pirates, the On-Air Pirates led by  Scratchmen Apoo, and the Depraved Monks Pirates of Urouge aka the Mad Monk . Unfortunately, these three crews had to turn back as quickly as they came without even having had the chance to be in front of the Emperor. As for the fourth crew, it is the Fire Tank Crew whose Captain Capone “Gang” Bege bowed to Big Mom after marrying one of her daughters, Charlotte Chiffon.

In the Island of Fishmen Arc, Big Mom agreed to take on the role of protector of the inhabitants of this island in place of the  Yonkô Whitebeard,  in exchange for ten tons of cakes every month. However, she is no longer concerned with the fate of the Ryugu Kingdom when it was attacked by the New Pisces-Men Pirates wanting to overthrow King Neptune.  And when Big Mom got angry after learning that the Ryugu Kingdom couldn’t meet their monthly cake payment, it was Luffy who challenged her through the snails and declared war on her.

The Story of the Big Mom Pirates

It is then in the Arcs Punk Hazard, Dressrosa and Zo that we find Pekoms and Tamago, members of the Big Mom Pirates as they pursued the scientist César Clown after this one failed in his researched and fled. Knowing that the latter was on the Thousand Sunny, they attacked the Mugiwara, but they managed to escape. It was finally on the Isle of Zo that Capone Bege managed to capture Caesar while taking Sanji with him so that he could attend the wedding of one of Charlotte Linlin’s daughters with a member of the Vinsmoke family from whom he was born. the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. Then comes the Tougato Arc where the entire Big Mom crew faced off with Luffy and his companions who came to rescue Sanji. The latter were first captured even though Luffy had decimated much of Big Mom’s army. Then they were released by Jinbe who has a strong desire to leave Charlotte Linlin’s crew. All the reunited crew helped by Jinbe decide to defeat the Emperor at the party in honor of the planned marriage. Various events follow that undermine the plan fomented by Luffy and his companions. As a result, many clashes took place between Luffy and his allies against Big Mom and members of his crew. In the end, the Big Mom pirates could not kill the Vinsmoke or prevent the Mugiwara from escaping.

Join the crew of Charlotte Linlin too

Despite her fits of gluttony and her bellicose character, it must be recognized that Charlotte Linlin has a laudable ultimate goal: that all peoples live in peace without any discrimination or segregation. And to get there, it gives itself all the means to continue to form a crew with immeasurable power.

If you’re powerful enough and have the same dream as Big Mom, you can join her crew and contribute your skills. Don’t hesitate to show him everything you can do, especially in terms of treats. Discover the different Goodies that he might like in our online store.