Charlotte katakuri

Charlotte katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is one of the main antagonists of One Piece. He is the second son and third child of the Charlotte family and one of three Sweet Commanders on the Big Mom crew. He is the older triplet brother of Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven. He has a bounty worth 1,057,000,000 berrys, which makes him one of the best-known members of the Yonko’s crew, even higher than Jack but lower than Queen, two of the three catastrophes, the right arms of the terrible Yonko Kaido. He is also renowned as the strongest of the three Sweet Commanders being stronger than his brothers Charlotte Cracker and Charlotte Smoothie  . He is the second son of woman Yonko Charlotte Linlin and his third child in total.the antagonist who stands in front of Luffy  in the second half of the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Katakuri’s personality

Katakuri is loyal to the pirates in her crew and especially to her mother, Big Mom, herself. During his first appearance he did not hesitate to kill a man whom he saw as a threat to his mother and throughout the marriage until the appearance of the Straw Hats he was highly attentive to everything. who could pose a possible threat to his mother and the rest of his family. Katakuri has a serious temperament. He is also ready for anything, he must protect his mother at all costs, for example by blocking Luffy’s attempt to destroy the photo of Mother Carmel .

Sweet Commanders

When it comes to protecting her family, Katakuri will do anything to protect them for free. He intervened on several occasions to protect his mother Mom, Big Mom, and wanted to protect his siblings from Luffy who tried to attack them. However, if any members of his family intervene in his fight, like Charlotte Flampe , he is willing to use the kings haki to knock her out and anyone in between .

Katakuri consciously tries to maintain his noble appearance as a person who is not gluttonous and lazy. His attempt to maintain his appearance is so good that no one ever sees him acting without manners. However, when Luffy and his bosses saw Katakuri on the ground eating donuts without manners , Katakuri was more willing to kill Luffy so that he wouldn’t expose what he saw to anyone and in the process. killed the chiefs who witnessed the scene. Although he retains a noble appearance, he is secretly gluttonous like his mother and lacks the manners he may try to show on the surface.
Charlotte katakuri
Katakuri isn’t thrilled to show her mouth to anyone sincethat he was brutalized as a child for showing his family his mouth. He prefers to cover her in most of his appearances. When the Chiefs saw his mouth, he killed them and attempted to kill Luffy . However, as the battle continued, he removed the thing used to cover his mouth and was ready to face his family and Monkey D. Luffy’s gaze without wearing it. Even though his Flampe laughed at his appearance, Katakuri stood there and took their insults until he knocked them out with the kings haki.

In battle, Katakuri is arrogant by bragging about his powers to Luffy by stating that he can do anything Luffy can do but better ↗. Katakuri is later affable by complimenting Luffy on his idea to fight in the World of Mirrors. In his fight against Luffy, Katakuri was also patient , as he waited awhile for Luffy to return to the World of Mirrors to fight him . When Katakuri is angry combat in combat, he is not focused on his enemy and is liable to be attacked (which made him vulnerable and was the loophole of his enormous power). But later he got over his anger and stayed focused on the battle and didn’t let himself be attacked easily.

He also has a loyal side when he sees Luffy as a competent fighter and wanted to beat him fairly without a break ⚔. As the fight progresses, while he’s on the ground and barely fighting. Her little sister, Charlotte Flampe, interferes in her fight with Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri yells at her never to provide unnecessary support in a battle between men . As a result, Katakuri impaled himself with his trident in order to reset the scales to 0 against Luffy. He nevertheless uses his Haki to knock out Flampe and his subordinates as punishment for their interruption . He also apologized to his nemesis for the interruption, he even told Luffy that he considered him an equal. He even told Luffy that. He was then impressed that Luffy had gained mastery over his Haki and turned the situation around. After Luffy inflicted his first loss on him, Katakuri got back to his feet and asked him what his future goals were. He was happy to hear her response, showing that he had come to respect Luffy deeply as a competent and powerful fighter. Thanks to Luffy’s efforts, Katakuri didn’t care about her image and chose to assume her real person.

Katakuri’s ties

Big mom

Charlotte Linlin: As her second son, Katakuri is fiercely loyal to his mother and captain. He executes the missions immediately. But the feeling which unites it with the latter does not seem to be reciprocal. When Katakuri attacked Luffy, Big Mom cursed at him for trying to protect her, but Katakuri told him that Luffy’s target was the picture of Mother Caramel . Despite his loyalty to her, Katakuri asked Luffy that one day he would come back stronger to defeat his mother .

Charlotte Perospero: Katakuri has a good relationship with her older brother, Perospero. In the past, Perospero did not feel contempt for his little brother Katakuri’s monstrous mouth, but advised him to cover his mouth to make friends, which Katakuri refused . He said he could defend himself by beating the bullies who laughed at him . When Pedro blew himself up with Perospero, Katakuri is worried, then relieved that he’s still alive.

Big Mom's SonCharlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven: Katakuri is on good terms with her young triplet brothers Daifuku and Oven. Daifuku and Oven also don’t have a particular disregard for Katakuri’s mouth and don’t laugh when he eats donuts like a guzzler. When Oven learned of Katakuri’s loss to Luffy, he attempted to kill him but failed because of Ichiji. Daifuku appointed Katakuri to become the next captain if Big Mom were to die. 

Charlotte Brulee: Brulee is Katakuri’s beloved younger sister. During their childhood, after Brulee was hit by bullies that Katakuri had defeated, Katakuri called Brulee an idiot when she said her injury didn’t hurt . Katakuri killed Brulee’s attackers . When Katakuri saved Brulee from Caesar Clown, he grabbed her by force for helping their enemy but she told him she was being used and begged him to kill them. Brulee mocked Luffy saying how powerful Katakuri was. When Katakuri lost, Brulee blasted Katakuri’s defeat on everyone. Back in her Mirror World, Brulee healed her wounds and spoke of their past .

Big Mom Family

Charlotte Flampe: Flampe has in the past idolized Katakuri and tried to interfere in her fight to get her attention and impress her. But instead, Katakuri stabbed herself in the same area where Luffy was wounded and scolded her  her and her subordinates, telling them never to stop in a battle between men. Flampe spoke ill of Katakuri and was disgusted with both her mouth and the blood he spilled on her face until Katakuri and Luffy knocked her out and her subordinates out with the Haki of the kings as punishment.

Other Siblings: Katakuri is protective of almost all of her siblings. The possible exceptions seem to be for Pudding and Chiffon since he apparently never tried to intervene when Pudding was taunted as a child for having a third eye 👁 or when his mother abused and hit Chiffon just because she looked like to Lola .

The Big Mom Pirates: As one of the Sweet Commanders, Katakuri is loyal to his crew and subordinates.

Katakuri’s enemies

 Monkey D. Luffy: Unlike all enemies who are cruel to Luffy, Katakuri is one of Luffy’s few honorable enemies. When Luffy attempted to attack Mother Caramel’s photo, Katakuri stopped him with his Mochi . When Luffy attempted to show Big Mom the broken photo of Mother Caramel, Katakuri chased after him and managed to grab her but couldn’t stop her from showing the photo. When he was dragged into the Mirror World, Katakuri impressed Luffy. While fighting him, Katakuri overpowered Luffy using his fighting style similar to Luffy’s.

Katakuri vs LuffyWhen he lost his temper, Katakuri impressed Luffy by teaching him how to use the Kenbunshoku Haki. During his fight, Katakuri was surprised that Luffy learned to see a little further into the future than him.After knocking out Flampe for his interruption, Katakuri showed his respect for Luffy and apologized to his nemesis as he saw Luffy as an equal. While in his first loss Katakuri asked Luffy to get stronger to one day return to Totto Land to defeat his mother, Luffy claimed so. Katakuri notices that Luffy sees a long way into the future and he bowed to his defeat. Luffy pays his respects to the sweet commander by placing his fedora to cover his mouth which looks like a pelican eel. Katakuri showed great respect for Luffy as a competent foe and smiled upon hearing that Luffy escaped.

Vinsmoke Family: As part of his mother’s murder plot, Katakuri is an enemy of this Family. He tried to kill Sanji with a jelly candy but Sanji was able to dodge it, eventually killing the priest ✝ . Katakuri easily defeated Ichiji a genetically modified human with extreme ease. When they escaped, Katakuri formed the pursued squad to invade the Kingdom of Germa.

Capone Bege: At first, Katakuri showed respect for her brother-in-law and related that Jigra tried to break up the wedding ceremony. When Bege revealed his betrayal, Katakuri showed her hostility towards him. After his escape, Katakuri formed a pursuit party to pursue Bege.   

Charlotte Katakuri’s skills and competences

Mochi KatakuriAs Sweet Commanders, Katakuri’s authority over Big Mom’s pirates is second only to Big Mom herself. His bounty of 1,057,000,000 suggests that the world government views him as an extreme threat . Katakuri has great physical strength, able to send candies with enough force to use them like balls . Some of his crew said he was the strongest of the three Sweet Commanders on the Yonko Big Mom crew. He is a powerful character because he withstood a Haki of Kings blast from Big Mom.and remained conscious during his cries. Even as a child, Katakuri’s strength is compared to that of a monster when he stands up to the threats he faces. According to Daifuku, Katakuri is capable of becoming the next captain after Big Mom.

He’s a sniper and possesses tremendous accuracy, since he managed to hit Jigra from so far away that Bege didn’t even notice him . He would have hit Sanji if he hadn’t felt his projectile and dodged it.

Katakuri’s Devil Fruit

Mochi Mochi no MiKatakuri ate the Mochi Mochi no mi , it is a special type of paramecia fruit that can be mistaken for a Logia. It allows him to create, control, and transform into Mochi at will. His Mochi is so thick and sticky that it traps enemies within it, although it loses its effectiveness when exposed to moisture. Katakuri is very creative with his powers as he made earplugs for himself and his siblings after Big Mom’s scream immobilized them. He then used them to plug the cannons of Big Father de Bege’s fortress. 

He frequently uses them in unarmed combat , germinating several sources of mochi to serve as additional fists or legs; he can imbue them with Haki of the weaponry to punch or kick hard. Thanks to his concentration, he is able to deliver devastatingly powerful punches. He has awakened his powers to the point that he can transform inorganic matter into mochi, increasing his range of attacks and range.

According to Jinbe, the only way to escape the stickiness of the mochi is to make it runny, as Jinbe used black tea to help Luffy break free from the mochi.

Sniper: Katakuri has great precision talent when using candy to take down assassination targets.

Katakuri weapon

In combat, the main weapon of the Katakuri is a trident named Mogura  . He has immense talent as a pitcher. Son Mogura can tear parts of the body and cause fatal blows to limbs.


Katakuri Haki
 Katakuri is able to use all three types of Haki . He is an expert in using the Observation Haki to look into the future for a moment. He knows how to use the weapon Haki at a very high level capable of inflicting burns on as Luffy noted. Katakuri is also one of the few people who can use the Conqueror’s Haki to project his will onto those around him by knocking them out.

Haki of the Observation 

He has trained his Haki of observation to such a degree that he can see a little further into the future. He was able to detect a revenge plot on Big Mom that allegedly took place seconds later . His predictions were proven correct when he found out how Capone Bege was going to react. Bege admitted he was the biggest obstacle to his own assassination plan.

The Future that Katakuri predicts is extremely accurate, but it is limited by how well he is able to interpret visions of the future and whether it is actually possible to change them. At first he struggled to oppose G4 Snakeman Luffy’s Jet Culverinbecause he didn’t understand the significance of his visions of the future, but after realizing how the Jet Culverin hit him from bizarre angles, he was able to dodge it in a much more consistent way and even managed to dodge at through the Black Mamba which was the Gear 4 version of the Jet Gatling which incorporated many Jet Culverins fired in succession. What’s even more impressive is that he not only dodged all of the attacks that made up the Black Mamba, but he did so by approaching Luffy and ended up kicking the face that completely interrupted him.

Armament Haki 

Katakuri also possesses the weapon haki, as he demonstrated on Luffy and injured him on the outside. During their clash, he bragged about his superior use to Luffy’s. This turned out to be true against Luffy in his normal form as well as in Gear 4 Snakeman, because when they clash, Luffy’s fist always ends up hurting . However, for the Gear 4 Boundman Luffy, Katakuri needed a combination of Awakening and an enlarged Block Mochi fist in the form of Power Mochi to bring down a blow from the Kong Gun.

Haki of the Katakuri sighting

Haki of the Kings 

Katakuri also also possesses the Haki of Kings , he uses it as shown when he and Luffy want to knock out his sister Flampe and the spectators watching their fight.

Katakuri’s story

His past

Katakuri was born as the second son and third child of the Charlotte family , he is the eldest in a group of triplets that consisted of himself and the brothers Daifuku and Oven.

During her childhood, Katakuri’s bad eating habits caused her mouth to enlarge considerably  . As a child, he was teased by others because of his mouth, but they knew that they should not provoke him further because of his strength. When Charlotte Perospero, his older brother, suggested that he cover his mouth, Katakuri refused because he was not afraid of those who looked down on him. He also gets along well with his brothers, who eat donuts with him and show no disgust towards his mouth.

Katakuri Big Moms Pirates

During her childhood, her sister Brûlée was also harassed by bullies, after being hunted by Katakuri, the bullies marked Charlotte Brûlée’s face as revenge against Katakuri. Katakuri was shocked, realizing that it was because of his actions that his beloved sister had been hurt . Wearing his scarf, Katakuri punched out all the bullies who hurt his sister, and he started to feel ashamed of his mouth because of his guilt towards Brûlée, covering her with his scarf the whole time.

Due to Katakuri’s protective nature, Brûlée holds her brother in high regard, deeming him perfect and thereby shows no disgust towards Katakuri’s mouth.

The Whole Cake Island Arc

The beginnings of Katakuri

Katakuri first appeared after shooting down an uncooperative guest at the Tea Party, he explained to Capone Bege what would have happened if the guest had been there before stating that he knows what the latter would say . It wasn’t long before Katakuri joined in the wedding festivities, but he soon had a glimpse of the future that made him glimpse pudding on her knees in tears .

Katakuri vs LuffyConfused, Katakuri moved to see the cause which would turn out to be Vinsmoke Sanji telling Pudding that his third eye is beautiful, which prevented him from shooting him. As Pudding couldn’t carry out the plan, Big Mom motioned for the priest to shoot, but Katakuri saw that Sanji would dodge him and threw one of his candies at him to kill Sanji himself. However, to his surprise, Sanji easily escaped the shot that hit the priest, causing the Straw Hat’s astonishment for his actions. Katakuri then leaped in front of her mother as Big Mom asked her what happened to Pudding, although Katakuri told her it was the least of her worries due to the impending chaos Katakuri was not going to be able to stop.as several Luffy clones emerged from the cake.

As Luffy’s doubles are thrown at the scene, the real Luffy attempts to smash Carmel’s photo. Katakuri stops him with his Devil Fruit powers and immobilizes him. When Big Mom accused her of minding her own business, Katakuri informed her of Luffy’s intentions to destroy Mother Carmel’s photo . He asked to know how Luffy found out about the photo. Jinbe then freed Luffy by telling him that Katakuri was using the Mochi Mochi no mi , as he had told Luffy that only water could counter its effects before claiming that he was the one who told Luffy about the photo.

In the ensuing conflict, Katakuri sensed a gruesome future and approached Luffy and Bege.He orders Bege to kill Luffy, but the latter categorically refuses before launching his plot to assassinate Big Mom . As Katakuri went after Luffy, he told his brother Perospero to shoot down the Vinsmoke family. Bege attempted to restrain Katakuri by shooting him , but the bullets had no effect on him, due to his powers. Jinbe and Pedro then tried to fight him, but he managed to defeat them and used his abilities in order to corner Luffy. However, despite his best efforts, Luffy managed to show Big Mom the shattered portrait of Carmel, which caused her to cry out.

Katakuri, the Big Mom pirates, and those in the wedding venue were picked up by Big Mom’s scream until she stopped. After Big Mom’s cry, Katakuri, along with her sister Charlotte Smoothie and other members of the Charlotte family, prepares to attack Bege and the Straw Hat. When Bege left his Big Father form, Katakuri surrounded him and Caesar, preventing them from escaping. He later engaged in battle against Vinsmoke Ichiji, whom he easily defeated. Unbeknownst to Katakuri,  the box of Tamatebako that Big Mom had received was taken by Kaido and ended up falling on the side of Big Mom’s castle. As Tamatebako’s box contained an explosive , it exploded and Big Mom’s castle fell. With the explosion, Katakuri and her family were nearly doomed but Chief Streusen managed to turn the castle into a cake, which allowed them to land on the ground safely but the Straw Hats and the Vinsmoke family had the opportunity to escape them.

As the Big Mom Pirates plan their next move to go after the Straw Hats, Katakuri and the others realize that Big Mom is on a rampage because the Wedding Cake has been destroyed. He told his family that he intended to kill Luffy, so as not to be a future threat to their mother. However, Smoothie appears to be chased by a crazy Big Mom who craves the wedding cake.

Charlotte katakuriAs Perospero diverted Big Mom’s attention to the Straw Hats, Pudding told the group that she had a plan to bake the wedding cake in order to stop Big Mom’s carnage. At one point, Katakuri, Perospero, and Big Mom’s crew, with help from Brulee, manage to enter the Mirror World and find a mirror on the Straw Hat ship, in order to plan a ambush for the Straw Hats when they reach the ship. As the Straw Hats rush towards the ship 🛥 , Luffy and Katakuri clash. With Pedro’s suicide bombing attack on Perospero, the ship was freed from the grip of Perospero’s candy technique and the ship evaded Big Mom.Luffy confronts Katakuri on the boat for a while until he grabs Katakuri and uses Brulee to enter the World of Mirrors. Luffy breaks the mirror he used to enter this parallel world and says they can fight as much as possible where they are.

 The two fight even though it’s Katakuri who has the advantage, thanks to his ability to predict the young captain’s movements and use his own abilities to mimic them and amplify their use. As the fight progresses, Katakuri’s siblings tell him about the Straw Hats and he prevents Luffy from attacking them. When Luffy attempts to use his Gear 4, Katakuri immediately uses his mochi to incapacitate him so that he does not activate his transformation, and the sweet commander then attacks the Straw Hat by burying it under a pile of Mochi. Thinking the battle was over, Katakuri decided to take a lunch break with her bosses.He built a small house where he sat and ate in private. Luffy, however, breaks free from the mochi and begins searching for his opponent. He attacks and destroys a piece of the house Katakuri was in upon seeing him on the floor eating donuts Katakuri reacts angrily by immediately killing the chefs who saw his face and trying to kill Luffy. Having lost his temper, Straw Hat was able to deal a blow to Katakuri and continued to attack him after activating his Gear 4 until Katakuri regained his composure in battle. The sweet commander compliments the latter for deducing his weakness and now understands why his brother Cracker lost to the latter.   without any restraint.Mochi Mochi no Mi

When Katakuri begins to pursue Luffy, the latter sees Brûlée and uses her as an opportunity to escape from the world of mirrors in order to regain strength after using the powers of his Gear 4. Stuck without the presence of Brûlée, Katakuri decides. to wait for Luffy’s return to the mirror world. When Luffy returns to fight him, they are tied and continue their fight for a few hours. For most of the battle, Katakuri still has the upper hand, and repeatedly manages to significantly overpower Luffy.

After a few hours, Katakuri’s little sister, Charlotte Flampe, and her team who form the Katakuri Fan Club came to witness the battle between Luffy and Katakuri. As Luffy begins to master his observation haki and grows more powerful, Katakuri manages to land a major blow to Luffy’s side. Confused as to why Luffy took that single hit during the battle, he continues beating Luffy until he realizes Flampe and his minions were behind the attack. He directs his attention to her and impales himself to the side to mimic the same wound he inflicted on Luffy in the confusion generated by Flampe. He then shouts to Flampe not to get involved in a battle between men.Having seen Katakuri’s mouth, Flampe proceeds to insult Katakuri for his appearance and even spits at him. Katakuri ignores the insults and returns to fight Luffy. Before resuming the fight, Katakuri and Luffy both use their conqueror haki to knock out Flampe and the others. Katakuri then recognizes Luffy as an equal as they prepare for their final fight. The fight rages on and Katakuri lashes out at Luffy for not making this fight a challenge for him. Luffy gets up from the fight and decides to switch to Gear 4: this time in Snake-Man form
. After transforming into his new form, Luffy grows faster and begins to land Katakuri powerful blows. Although in a more powerful form of Gear 4 than before, Katakuri is able to fight on the same level as Luffy and still overwhelm him. The fight continues until Luffy and Katakuri tackle each other with their respective powerful attacks.

After exchanging their blows, Katakuri and Luffy continue to fight long enough for them to lose consciousness. Luffy soon regains consciousness and comes out of the hole where Katakuri who woke up again confronted Luffy. Rather than attack, Katakuri asked Luffy if he was going to come back and defeat Big Mom . Luffy said he will one day defeat her to become the Pirate King . Puzzled, Katakuri responded by saying that Luffy was looking far into the future before passing out again. Luffy then took his second hat to place it over Katakuri’s mouth when the latter passed out.

Katakuri’s defeat was later reported by Brûlée who was in tears at the situation, as the other siblings were shocked and furious that their undefeated brother had been taken down. Brûlée later deals with Katakuri who was on the ground healing the wounds he received during his battle with Luffy. Katakuri and Brûlée had a calm, calm conversation about what happened before. Brûlée comforted Katakuri and claimed that she would never forgive Luffy for defeating Katakuri. Katakuri smiled upon hearing this, much to Brûlée’s chagrin .

Anecdotes about Katakuri

The abuse he suffered because of his appearance as a child is similar to the suffering his sister Charlotte Pudding endured because of her third eye .

Katakuri’s defeat is similar to Senor Pink’s , as both their opponents showed a sign of respect before walking away as the winner : Franky wiped Senor’s tears and Luffy covered Katakuri’s mouth (which Katakuri don’t like to show).

Originally, Katakuri’s devil fruit, Mochi Mochi no mi, is described as a fruit belonging to the Logia type, but it was later validated as Paramecia, although it is a ” Special Paramecia “. Despite this, Katakuri is the only Yonko crew member known so far who displays abilities close to those of Logia-type fruit users.
“Katakuri” is the Japanese name for Erythronium japonicum . The word “katakuriko” originally referred to the starch of this plant . It follows the names of the Charlotte family and the Big Mom Pirates on the food theme.
Katakuri is the oldest of the triplets which consists of himself, Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven.

Upon its introduction, Katakuri retained the record for the largest One Piece bounty holder in the entire Whole Cake Arc until the start of the Reverie Arc, where Luffy’s bounty was increased to 1,500. 000,000 berries .
Katakuri’s outfit is similar to that of an American biker gang member .