Haki Observation: TOP 10 Users

Haki from Observation

The Haki of observation is one of the three great types of Haki . Much like the Haki of the weaponry,   all characters in the series are born with this skill, but few manage to awaken it.

Its abilities are vast, they range from the ability to foresee attacks to the ability to sense the emotions of living things and even hear the voices of the souls of people !

Here are the Top 10 best Observation Haki users.

10. Usopp


Straw Hat Crew sniper Usopp trained at the Boing Archipelago during the two-year ellipse with Heracles. With Heracles, Usopp has evolved well. In Dressrosa, Usopp went one step further and unlocked the Observation Haki! 👁

Although Usopp has just started using this ability, it looks like he can master it to a very good level, since he has been able to  snip Sugar from miles away   just by sensing his aura. Like Navy Admiral Fujitora, he can also see the color of the different people around him as an aura. The level of his observation Haki will only improve as the adventure continues!

9. Koby


One of the back-admirals of today’s Navy, Koby has incredible expertise in the field of Sighting Haki. He managed to awaken her during the Marineford War , and it looks like Koby’s Sighting Haki has surpassed the level of an average user now.

Like Aisa from Skypiea, Koby can hear the voices of people’s souls . Over time, he has developed it to such an extent that he can sense the potential evil even across the oceans. Combined with his excellent speed, Koby becomes a very good member of the navy. There is no doubt that he will be vice-admiral in no time.

8. Enel


Enel is a character who held the role of God   in Skypiea . Being one of the strongest figures in the sky, Enel possesses the ability to use the Haki of observation, even though up there he is known as the “Mantra” .

Enel’s mantra allows him to sense the various beings present  on the Heavenly Island , although this is largely due to the amplification of his powers using the Goro Goro no Mi.   Enel is unmistakably skilled in use of this skill. According to Oda, if Enel were on dry land, his bounty would have been 500 million Berrys!

7. Vinsmoke Sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Crew and one of their main fighters. As you would expect from someone with skills in combat, Sanji knows the two basic types of Haki , one being the Haki of weaponry,   and the other being the Haki of the observation.

Sanji awakened his Haki from observation during the two-year time ellipse and has since gradually improved his skills in this art. Over time, Sanji’s haki became quite sharp in an attempt to be able to feel the sound of a tear belonging to a woman, falling from miles away ,   which is an impressive achievement. On top of that, he managed to use his Observation Haki to contradict the future Katakuri predicted, proving that he is, indeed, a master of that Haki.

6. Dracule Mihawk


One Piece World’s Strongest Swordsman: Dracule Mihawk has mastery in at least two types of haki. While his Weapons Haki proficiency level is incredible enough to permanently blacken a weapon , his Observation Haki isn’t bad either.

In fact, his epithet “hawk eye”   suggests that he possesses the ability to see the future using the Haki of Observation. Further proof of this is the fact that Oda originally planned for his epithet to be “Senrigan” or “Clairvoyant,” which basically means Mihawk could potentially be able to see the future as well.

5. The Admirals (Before the Ellipse)


The Admirals are considered the most powerful force in the Navy, and they are the second highest authority in this world. Before the time jump brought by the ellipse, the three admirals Aokiji , Kizaru and Akainu  , probably already possessed the ability to see through the future.

Although we do not know exactly how, Aokiji has avoided the blow of White Beard by creating a hole in the stomach ,   much like Akainu avoided attacking duo Marco and Vista. Interestingly, Katakuri uses the same skill to make himself near-invincible and it wouldn’t be surprising if Admirals have this ability as well.

4. Rayleigh


Also known as the “Dark Lord,” Rayleigh is a man whose bounty is probably in excess of a billion berrys.  As the right-hand man of Gol D. Roger , Rayleigh possesses excellent mastery of the three types of Haki . He has practiced these disciplines enough to be able to teach others the skill of Haki.

Rayleigh also knows people who have the ability to look into the future, and he could very well be one of them, although there is no confirmation of that … in itself, its capacities in terms of mastery of the Haki of Observation are large enough to follow people who move at the speed of light., like Kizaru. When the two clashed at the Sabaody Archipelago, Rayleigh managed to inflict an injury on Kizaru despite the latter’s blazing speed.

3. Fujitora


Issho, better known by his code name “Fujitora”, is an admiral of the navy and not the least. Described as a beast by Donquixote Doflamingo, Fujitora possesses enormous mastery over his Haki. Indeed, since he is blind,  Fujitora’s mastery over his Observation Haki is incredible.

To rise to the rank of admiral while being blind is an incredible achievement. He has enough technical level in this type of Haki to sense the emotions and even the aura of other people. We don’t know yet whether he can see the future or not. Either way, he’s an excellent Observation Haki user, and he definitely deserves to be on this list. 

2. Monkey D. Luffy


Luffy was trained in the development of his Haki by Silvers Rayleigh himself.  While Luffy’s skills in each type have been present since the end of the Two Year Ellipse, they have continued to grow and evolve over the past few years. When it comes to the Haki of Observation , Luffy specializes in sensing emotions , but his skills in the art don’t end there.

At Whole Cake Island ,   Luffy has developed the ability to look a few seconds into the future, and during Wano Kuni’s arc he seems to have complete control over it. Luffy also possesses the power to hear the voice of all things., which is also a known form of Haki that few people are born with.

1. Charlotte Katakuri


The second son of the only female Yonko “Big Mom” ​​is the strongest of her crew’s commanders, Katakuri has become almost invincible  thanks to his combat skills, and this is in large part due to his Observation Haki. Over the years, Katakuri has trained his Haki so much that he is able to see events that will take place in the future. But that’s not all !

In his fight against Luffy, Katakuri was able to see beyond the future. When Luffy unlocked the ability to see the future too, he combined it with his Gear 4, Snakeman.  Katakuri intensified his vision beyond what Luffy saw, shattering his version of the future. Without a doubt, his Haki from theObservation  was still one step ahead of Luffy’s and is currently the most developed in the series.