Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

tachi Uchiwa is a major anti hero of the manga and anime Naruto, and the older brother of the second protagonist of the license Sasuke Uchiwa.  At first he was portrayed as a major antagonist for much of the story and then was seen as a hero when his real motives were revealed after his death.

Before his true motives were revealed, he played the role of one of two secondary antagonists in the Tsunade Search arc, one of two secondary antagonists in the Kazekage Rescue Mission arc and the main antagonist in the arc pitting him against Sasuke.

This blog article will retrace the history of this flagship character of the manga, you will find there:

  • The Brief History of Itachi
  • His entry into the Akatsuki
  • His real motivations

Let’s find out together! 

The childhood of Itachi Uchiwa

Itachi ANBU

Itachi was born on June 9, he is the son of Fugaku Uchiwa, the head of the Konoha military police, and Mikoto Uchiwa, members of the Uchiha clan who founded the Hidden Leaf Village alongside the Senju clan many years ago. generations.  Growing up in Konoha Village , Itachi proved to be a very gifted ninja, even at a young age he was considered a prodigy and rose above most of his peers. Thanks to his talents, Itachi was sent into battle as a child shinobi during the Third Great Ninja War, where he suffered the horrors of that war. Since that day, Itachi has changed with the desire to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

After witnessing Kyubi’s attack on Konoha while caring for his little brother Sasuke, Itachi learns that his clan has been secretly accused of the fox demon attack and the clan has been dispatched to an ancient section of the village. There, while he bonds with Sasuke who wants to be like his brother, Itachi finds himself sent to infiltrate the ANBU as a spy for the Uchiha who have decided to revolt.

The massacre of the Uchiha clan

uchiha massacre

However, Itachi instead informs senior Konoha officials, as he and Hiruzen Saurtobi, the Third Hokage, attempt to sort matters out otherwise. But Danzō Shimura’s actions resulted in Itachi taking credit for the death of Shisui Uchiwa, a member of the Uchiha clan against the revolt, moving away from his family. He has distanced himself from those close to him, including his own family, although his father knows he did not commit the act.

However, Itachi took a dark turn when Danzō ordered Itachi to slaughter his entire clan by promising to save his little brother Sasuke Uchiwa’s life. Having no other recourse, encountering Tobi who was helping him, Itachi proceeded to assassinate his entire clan. Only his parents were left and they accepted their fate, as Itachi reluctantly killed them on their orders. When Sasuke arrives, eager to do penance for his crime, Itachi uses his genjutsu to make Sasuke see a version of the massacre that places his brother as a heartless murderer with the desire to win the Mangekyo Sharingan . With the image implanted, Itachi tells Sasuke to live in hatred and become strong for the day they fight to the death. 

Although Sasuke attempted to kill him when his Sharingan activated, Itachi places his brother in a temporary coma before seeing Hiruzen and the other high places. While asking Hiruzen to ensure his brother’s safety, Itachi threatens Danzō to honor his promise or he would expose the conspiracy before letting Konoha escape . However, still loyal to his village, Itachi joins the Akatsuki to keep an eye on the organization and the threat it poses. Unfortunately, in addition to the progressive blindness side effect of his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi contracted a deadly disease that he managed to contain so Sasuke could kill him before she did.  

Despite the trauma he suffered from killing his own family, Itachi did not blame those among Konoha’s rulers who entrusted him with this mission. Although he did not trust Danzō on a personal level, he knew that Danzō only had the best interests of the village at heart.. But Itachi, in part because of the necessity of his mission to join Akatsuki, changed a lot after the massacre, rarely, if ever, showing emotion. He became more prone to shows of force and allowed certain violent habits from his partner, Kisame, under the pretext that it furthered Akatsuki’s goals.  Itachi couldn’t and wouldn’t completely change his pacifist habits, and he would shun confrontation or hold Kisame back if the likelihood of collateral damage got too high for him or others. Even though Kisame sometimes protested, he considered Itachi a good friend and listened to his instructions. Itachi also had a decent partnership with his former partner Jūzō, showing him respect and, after his death,

Konoha’s Infiltration Arc 

Itachi Konoha

When news of Hiruzen’s death reached him, Itachi feared Danzō would take advantage of it. Itachi took advantage of a mission with his partner Kisame Hoshigaki to capture Kyubi’s current Jinchuuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, as an excuse to show that he is still alive and that he still poses a threat to Danzō. Itachi is confronted by Kurenai and Asuma alongside Kisame and Kurenai has entered the fight, but Itachi is quickly revealed to be the best user of Genjutsu and effortlessly fends off the illusion of Konoha’s ninja. Even when Kakashi arrived, Itachi was superior and crushed all three of them without fighting at full strength and ultimately left Kakashi helpless in the face of Tsukuyomi .

However, Itachi’s appearance reached Sasuke as he ran to Naruto’s location and confronted Itachi as he was about to capture Naruto. Seeing that Sasuke still wasn’t strong enough despite his Chidori, Itachi effortlessly beats him and brutally nails him to the wall. He motivates him to return to the path he had placed him on before knocking him out with Tsukiyomi. Soon after, Kisame and Itachi were forced to leave because Jiraiya arrived . Itachi later reaches the Akatsuki reunion following Sasuke’s departure from Konoha.

Capture of Shukaku

While Shukaku is captured, Itachi is tasked with delaying Team Kakashi so that they cannot find their lair, and uses one of Sasori’s spies to fight them from a distance. He subjects Naruto to a genjutsu by raising his finger, although he eventually comes out and kills the Sleeping Agent with his new giant rasengan. 

When news of Sasuke’s victory over Orochimaru reaches him after helping Kisame capture the Four-Tailed Demon Roshi’s jinchuriki, fearing his brother’s urge, Itachi decides to put his plan into action as the disease begins to win over. By sending one of his clones to Naruto as he searches for Sasuke, Itachi questions the boy’s resolve, even with the possible threat Sasuke would pose to the Konoha. Impressed by Naruto’s response, Itachi has a crow with Shisui’s eye implanted into the boy’s body before leaving.

Itachi vs Sasuke

Itachi vs Sasuke

At this point, another Itachi clone appears in front of Sasuke to tell him that their final battle will take place in the Uchiha Hideout. Asking Kisame not to intervene, Itachi waits for Sasuke to arrive. After a genjutsu exchange and a conversation about Madara Uchiwa , Itachi reveals his failing eyesight and the only way to restore it is to take Sasuke’s eyes to obtain an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan . Once the conflict becomes more physical, using several of the abilities he gained from absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke manages to use his Kirin ability to deal significant damage to his brother.

However, only his Akatsuki cloak having been burnt, Itachi reveals his true secret weapon, the Mangekyo Sharingan’s ultimate ability: the Susanoo . At this point, Sasuke has lost much of his chakra as Orochimaru reappears through his secret Eight-Headed Serpent Jutsu and attempts to steal Sasuke’s body. However, Itachi has his Susanoo beheaded the seven serpent heads before impaling the last one Orochimaru came out of. From there, Itachi has Orochimaru sealed with his Susanoo, removing the cursed seal from Sasuke’s body.

How Itachi died?

Itachi dead

However, the fight took a long time for Itachi, as the now helpless Sasuke found himself against a wall as he approached him, appearing to want to reach Sasuke’s eyes. But instead, he touched Sasuke’s forehead and smiled at him before saying, ” Sorry, Sasuke … but it’s over ” before submitting to his illness and dying. Despite his good intentions, Itachi’s hopes for Sasuke are dashed when Tobi later tells Sasuke the truth about Itachi’s reasons for betraying the Uchiha clan. However, the crow that Itachi placed in Naruto was going to counter this event by the time Sasuke obtained the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. 

The Fourth Great Ninja War

Itachi Edo

Itachi was revived during the Fourth Great Shinobi War by Kabuto who used the forbidden soul reincarnation jutsu to convince Tobi to join in the war he declared. After parting ways with Kakuzu, Itachi carries Nagato as they discuss how they were brought to their eyes and are nothing more than weapons. The last two cross Naruto and Killer B. Itachi is surprised that the first can now use the power of Kurama. While forced to fight against his will, Itachi is horrified when he learns of Sasuke’s actions after his death while begging Naruto not to reveal the truth behind the Uchiha clan massacre for the honor of his clan. .

When Itachi activated his Mangekyo Sharingan, he brought out the crow he had placed inside Naruto and implanted Konoha’s protective command to override Kabuto’s control over him. Itachi helps Naruto and Killer bee defeat Nagato before destroying the crow, so that Shisui’s eye does not fall into the enemy’s hands. Telling Naruto to entrust Sasuke to him, Itachi tracks down Kabuto to force him to release the Reanimation Jutsu. However, Itachi finds himself joined by Sasuke and ends up promising to tell him the whole truth before they fight Kabuto together.

Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto

Itachi vs Kabuto

The two brothers are vastly outmatched until Itachi uses Izanamito trap Kabuto in his own mind. With their enemy willing, over Sasuke’s objections, Itachi explains that he has nothing left, while stating that it was an honor to protect their home one last time. After using his genjutsu to force Kabuto to release the Reanimation Jutsu, seeing his brother still adamant about the destruction of Konoha, Itachi uses his sharingan to show Sasuke all of his memories. Explaining to Sasuke that things would have been different if he had never lied to him, Itachi tells him that he doesn’t need to be forgiven but that he will always love Sasuke, no matter what path he takes. will choose. After a moving speech, Itachi bids farewell and returns to the afterlife. 

Rock Lee: The Twists of a Budding Ninja

Itachi Rock Lee

Itachi appeared in the chibi spin-off of Rock Lee  : The Adventures of a Budding Ninja in  Episode 38, along with Kisame, arriving at the hideout. When Lee and Tenten saw him, they realized that the group they met was none other than Akatsuki himself, despite their stupidity. Itachi, seeing him, asked his other teammates who told him that Lee is a newbie recruited by Zetsu. Like Kisame he doesn’t trust Lee either, so he uses his Sharingan and places Lee under a genjutsu, who is defeated by Tenten so he can continue to disguise himself. Once released from the genjutsu, Lee then saw Itachi covered in crows droppings all over his body. Later, after Deidara unintentionally starts a brawl within the group, Itachi, unlike everyone else, tries to stop them from fighting, but fails completely. Later, after Tobi admitted the truth, Itachi and the rest of Akatsuki beat Deidara for not saying Lee was a spy.

Itachi makes an appearance in Episode 46, where Jiraiya classifies him as an occasional pervert, alongside Sasuke and Yamato. In Episode 51, Itachi is briefly mentioned by his brother, Sasuke, who teams up with Akatsuki to destroy Konoha.  One could suggest thatItachi might have died before the episode . 

Appearance of Itachi Uchiha 

Itachi Appearance

Itachi is a tall 21-year-old young man with long dark hair tied in a ponytail that was usually hidden by the high collar of his black akatsuki coat, onyx eyes, and pale skin.  One of her most identifiable features are the lines running from her eyes to her cheeks and her almost constantly active Sharingan.

Itachi’s motivations

After he slaughtered his clan, Itachi became virtually emotionless and unfriendly. A man perfectly in control of his emotions, Itachi only expressed surprise during battle if his opponent was stronger or caught him off guard, and even this could be interpreted as a deliberate act to deceive his ally Kisame . Unlike most of Akatsuki’s other members, Itachi didn’t display the more typical aspects of a villain like arrogance. He treated his fellow Akatsuki members with the same respect. In fact, he goes so far as to respect and compliment his opponents for their skills and abilities. He is able to back up his claims because he has the power, not because he is

He does not like combat sport and does not indulge in violent bloodshed, preferring to hasten to end his fighting as quickly as possible. Even in such a state, Itachi can still display vestiges of his kindness, expressing his distaste for Orochimaru’s actions . All of his supposedly nefarious acts were so many tricks to encourage Sasuke to kill him while he cared deeply for his younger brother. Facing Naruto, he sees hope in the young ninja and entrusts him with the task of pulling his brother out of the vengeful darkness he has embraced for all these years. Indeed, Itachi (although emotionless on the outside) was miserable, sad, discouraged, and in pain on the inside.

Itachi: a ninja prodigy

Itachi Uchiha

A talented and very powerful ninja, Itachi was a prodigy, his intelligence and abilities blossoming from a young age. He had already graduated and became a Jonin by the age of twelve and obtained the Sharingan by the age of seven. He quickly rose to Anbu’s rank and even became captain of an Anbu squad . Itachi’s prowess was recognized by Orochimaru as superior, Itachi effortlessly crushing the Sannin. He was also perfectly capable of killing Sasuke if he wanted to despite his illness, with Sasuke still unable to beat Itachi despite the latter’s resistance.

Chakra and Itachi power


As a Uchiha, Itachi’s chakra was naturally strong, but his chakra stores became very low, exacerbated by his illness. This kept him from participating in long clashes and limited his use of the Mangekyo Sharingan techniques to three times a day before he needed a significant rest, at which point even his Sharingan deactivated. To compensate for this limitation somewhat, Itachi had very refined control of the chakras, able to perform his techniques with one-handed seals.

Although rarely getting involved in such fights, Itachi was very good at taijutsu, enough to easily defeat three members of the Konoha Military Police at the age of eleven. He had impressive speed and reflexes, especially with the movements of his hands. He felt like he could perform his techniques without seals, even skilled Sharingan users found it difficult to keep up with him. His speed allowed him to attack first in a fight , then immediately move to where his opponent was falling back before he even realized he was gone, giving him no chance to launch a counter. attack.

Itachi’s Sharingan

Itachi quickly managed to master the Sharingan from a young age and became the clan’s greatest eye expert, even rivaling Shisui. The famous kekkai genkai exclusive to the Uchiha clan and can only be obtained after having experienced trauma, emotional stress.  Sharingan is an instantly recognizable dojutsu (eye technique) upon activation, as an Uchiha’s normally black eye color turns blood red, accompanied by a varying number of tomoe circling the pupil. Since Itachi’s Sharingan has been fully grown, it has a maximum of three tomoe. 

It allows the user to copy any type of jutsu they see at least once and then imitate it perfectly. It also allows them to see the flow of the chakras clearly, which is effective against most ninjas.achi Itachi only used the Sharingan for this last ability, as he never showed the utility of copying. the movements of his opponent. Thanks to his mastery of the Sharingan, Itachi can maintain it almost constantly without any chakra drainage. By killing his best friend, Itachi was able to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan , the second level of Sharingan and a formidable power. When activated, the tomoe in Itachi’s eyes undergoes a dramatic transformation. 

Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan

Mangekyo Sharingan

Unlike the normal Sharingan, the form of the Mangekyo is unique for each user, as it takes the form of a three-bladed shuriken. With the Mangekyo, Itachi obtains the use of three extremely powerful techniques: Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo .



Amaterasu takes the form of guided black flames that never go out, which usually completely consumes everything in its path and destroys it, the only exception being Gaara’s Sand Shield, which Amaterasu failed to pass through or into. which it burned down, and which is usually unavoidable as it is guided by the user’s sight. Only A, the fourth Raikage, managed to dodge Amaterasu and his brother, Killer B, the host of the 8-tailed demon , also survived this ability. It burns for seven days and seven nights and cannot be extinguished by normal means. Itachi only uses this technique in the most terrible situations, especially if his opponent is powerful.



Tsukuyomi is a time dilation genjutsu (illusion) that traps the opponent in a distorted alternate dimension over which Itachi has full control. A favorite of Itachi, he can trap his opponent in a nightmare realm to induce realistic pain that mentally devastates the target. Although genjutsu lasts three days in this realm, it only takes place in the real world. in seconds thanks to the mastery of the Itachi technique. According to Itachi, only a person possessing both a Sharingan and a second kekkei genkai can break this technique, however, a jinchuriki who knows how to control the chakra of his tailed demon is immune to this technique because his biju can break the illusion for him. as in the case of Killer Bee.



Susanoo is the last ninjutsu Itachi used. Unlike the previous two, Susanoo manifests as a creature rather than a primal force.  It first appears as a skeletal creature engulfed in flames with its user (although the user does not feel anything). Like the Sharingan itself, Susanoo must develop. As Itachi’s techniques were fully developed, Susanoo took on a complete form, the appearance of that form differing depending on the user. Regardless of the form, Susanoo himself wielded a sword (sometimes a bow and arrows as with Sasuke) that could both hypnotize and permanently seal anything he struck, an unfortunate event of which Orochimaru was the one. direct witness, although it ultimately proved ineffective against him as he was not really sealed. 

Genjutsu and Taijutsu

Itachi Genjutsu

Besides his mastery of the Sharingan , Itachi has shown exceptional prowess in all forms of jutsu and has shown that he is really, really smart.  He is able to perform genjutsu and ninjutsu almost instantly, waving his hand at unreadable speed. He can spawn clones while using kunai and shuriken and can quickly set up a powerful counter attack. He is also able to easily counter any physical attack attempted against him, as hardly anyone in the Naruto universe has been able to deal a physical blow to him. His intelligence allows him to easily read, predict and counter his opponent’s attacks with little effort. 

Legacy of Itachi Uchiha

Itachi legacy

Itachi had a profound influence on Sasuke’s life. His instructions, on the night of the fall of the Uchiha clan, for Sasuke to gain power at all costs, caused Sasuke to isolate himself from others and avoid comradeship. When he realized that he attached himself to his fellow Team 7, Sasuke concluded that it made him weak and he chose to defect from Konoha and train under Orochimaru, propelling him to the path. of Itachi’s death.  Following the Battle of the Two Brothers, Itachi’s plans begin to fail due to Tobi’s interference. Tobi refocuses Sasuke’s hatred that Itachi engineered for himself in order to use against Konoha, turning Sasuke into an international criminal against Itachi’s intentions., erasing his prejudices and allowing him to start making his own decisions rather than letting others manipulate him.

The truth about Itachi

Upon learning the truth about Itachi, Sasuke regains the great admiration he had for his brother when they were younger and follows in his footsteps to protect the village at all costs. Sasuke reveals that he doesn’t want to see Konoha, the village Itachi sacrificed so much for, destroyed so much for, and joins forces with allied ninja forces to stop Tobi and Madara in WWII. He also sees the reason in Itachi’s decision to make difficult choices and to be hated for them, and for this reason, sets himself the task, after the end of the war, of becoming the blackness of the world, using its power to force peace and kill all threats. 

Although this was a big departure from Itachi’s plans, the latter’s decision to trust Naruto to redeem Sasuke proved to be correct; At Itachi’s insistence, Naruto ends up convincing Sasuke of the mistakes he made without having to kill him in their final battle. In the aftermath of the war, Sasuke adopts Itachi’s gesture of punching him in the forehead to express his affection to a loved one. Sasuke does this for the first time with his teammate and future wife, Sakura, when she asks if she can accompany him on his travels. Afterwards, he and Sakura make this gesture on their daughter, Sarada. Responding to Itachi’s wishes,

Itachi: a hero recognized by all

Itachi’s influence will extend beyond Sasuke : Although he ordered Itachi to slaughter his clan, Danzo regarded him as an unsung hero of Konoha who selflessly worked for the good of the village; the five Kages, though unaware of Itachi’s involvement, hailed him as the hero of the world for ending the reincarnation of souls; Kabuto remembered who he really was from Itachi’s Izanami and, inspired by him, saved Sasuke as he was on the verge of death.

Years after the war, an Orochimaru essay subject named Shin becomes so fixated on Itachi that he attempts to kill Sasuke and use Sarada against him in order to avenge Itachi’s “murder”. The Third Hokage remembers Itachi as a lively and thoughtful child who possessed the mind of a Hokage from an early age and, although he was devastated by what Itachi had to go through to protect the village by sacrificing his clan, he attributes to Itachi the merit of having prevented a war from breaking out between Konoha and the Uchiwa clan.