Sengoku: Admiral Commander-in-Chief

Sengoku: Admiral Commander-in-Chief

Having become Inspector General of the Naval Headquarters after the two-year ellipse, Sengoku previously sat at the highest post of the same military force: Admiral Commander-in-Chief. Already when the legendary King 👑 of the Pirates Gol D. Roger ruled the oceans, he was one of the major figures along with Whitebeard and Monkey D. Garp. He still continues to be so today even if he is no longer Admiral-in-Chief.

He owes his nickname Sengoku the Buddha to the fact that he is able to transform into a Giant Buddha thanks to his Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, model Daibutsu . Note also that this character practically never separates from his pet, a goat 🐐 whose name we do not know. This goat accompanies her everywhere, even at the top meetings of the Navy where she can be seen sitting at the table, chewing on papers or newspapers.

Appearance of Sengoku

Rather well muscled, Sengoku is a fairly tall man considering that he is indeed 2.78m tall. Mature, he was 77 years old before the ellipse and his date of birth is May 9. At that time, he sported a very long black beard that was plaited from end to end. He also had a black mustache. As Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, he was wearing a white suit covered with medals. He put his Admiral’s jacket over it like a cape and you could see a life-size seagull perched on top of his cap. 🧢 On the other hand, after the ellipse when he was 79 years old, his hair as well as his beard and mustache turned white. Of all his Admiral clothes, he only kept the jacket and he even dropped the cap. He is now showing off an orange shirt with multicolored patterned waves underneath his jacket, as well as a sky blue ée tie adorned with white polka dots. And he wears shorts all the time like he’s on vacation.

Personality of Sengoku the Buddha

Sengoku’s confidence in the World Government is total and he does not tolerate in any way the questioning of the instructions of this political organization which governs the nations of the One Piece universe. In addition, Sengoku is a fervent believer 🙏🏼 in Absolute Justice advocated and applied by the World Government.in order to preserve peace, order and security in the world. This is the reason why he never shows any mercy towards pirates as well as anybody who intends to harm the World Government. It is also he who gave his approval 20 years ago for the triggering of a Buster Call, an operation of mass destruction, against the island of Ohara. However, let us note that despite his attachment for Absolute Justice, Sengoku has kept in him a little humanity, unlike his successor Admiral Sakazuki alias Akainu . For example, in order to avoid even more casualties during the Marine Ford Summit War,Requirement. By comparison, Akainu was furious with the decision.

Despite his status as Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy and his nickname Buddha, Sengoku is a rather tense person. Nothing can quickly annoy him, irritate him or outright annoy him as with the incidents caused by the young pirate in the Straw Hat, 👒 Monkey D. Luffy . He also got carried away when Bartholomew Kuma acted strangely and lied to him on several occasions. It was the same during the Battle of the Ford Navy. He was seen at his desk anxious, stressed and still alert as he dreaded the possible movements of Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard .

And yet, Sengoku is known to be a fine strategist, something the Strongest Man in the World 🏋🏼‍♂️ knew very well. The latter was always on the lookout and careful with the maneuvers of the Marines in this war because he knew they were clever tactics concocted by the Chief Admiral. However, despite Whitebeard’s precautions, Sengoku’s ploy still worked. It should be noted that Sengoku seems much more relaxed during the Dressrosa Arc, which could be explained by the fact that by resigning his post of Chief Admiral, he no longer has this enormous load on his shoulders. During the Reverie Arc, he also shouted his successor Akainu by asking him the question in a joking tone if the work of Admiral Commander-in-Chief was difficult. He was also seen in tears 😭 when he heard about the death of his adopted son, Don Quixote Rossinante alias Corazon .


Monkey D. Garp

Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp aka Garp the Hero have known each other for a long time and are very close to the fact that they both lived and went through many adventures when they were young. They had together fought and defeated Shiki the Golden Lion. They are also the ones who confronted Blackbeard and his crew in order to prevent the Navy Headquarters from sinking. They are also both recognized as pillars of the older generation of the Navy. It should also be noted that Sengoku is the only senior officer whose Navy Hero listens to instructions. And he is also the only person able to stop the former Vice-Admiral when he gets into extreme anger like when the.

In addition to their strong friendship, a deep respect exists between these two characters despite Sengoku being often annoyed by Garp’s recklessness in the face of certain situations. In particular, we see the Chief Admiral often blaming his friend for the incidents caused by his grandson Luffy while Garp laughs out loud about the situation. And yet, Sengoku doesn’t blame Garp for raising Luffy and Ace despite the latter coming from a bloodline of dangerous pirates. And he understands his friend when he is worried about the fate of his grandsons. Briefly note that after he resigned his post after the Ellipse, Sengoku now displayed the same flippant demeanor as Garp.

The 7 captains Corsairs

The Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy is obliged to cooperate with the 7 Grand Corsairsdue to the fact that the World Government made a deal with these famous and powerful pirates. 🏴‍☠️ However, Sengoku does not trust them in any way. For him, these are hackers acting at their own discretion and only for their own benefit. He was also right given the different actions of each other. The provocative behavior of Don Quixote Doflamingo as well as the many lies of Bartholomew Kuma annoyed him to the highest point. Subsequently, during Marine Ford’s Summit War, he was also angered after Jinbei The Paladin of the Seas rebelled and resigned. Then it was Crocodile 🐊 who allied with Luffy at Impel Down Underwater Prison and Marine Ford. And finally, it was Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeardwho committed treason by wanting to sink the island of Marine Ford and at the same time the fortress of the Navy at the bottom of the ocean. With the help of Vice Admiral Garp, Sengoku opposed Blackbeard and his crew to protect the island.

Don Quixote Rossinante

Sengoku adopted Don Quixote Rossinante alias Corazon when his father died at the age of 8 and raised him as if he were his own son. 👨‍👦 Later, sharing the same goal as his adoptive father, that of capturing Don Quixote Doflamingo, Rossinante infiltrated his biological big brother’s crew when in reality he was Commander of the Navy. His role was to gather information and communicate it directly to Sengoku. The Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy had absolute confidence in his adopted son. According to an exchange held between Trafalgar D. Water Law aka the Surgeon of Death and Sengoku in Dressrosa, the latter also considered Rossinante to be an honest person who has faith in Justice. Sengoku was devastated and burst into tears 😥 after learning that his adopted son had been killed by Doflamingo.

Sengoku skills

Since Sengoku is the Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, no one can doubt his great power, especially in view of that of his direct subordinates, Admirals Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru as well as Vice-Admirals. We could also see his great strength when he arrested Garp enraged against Akainu because of the death ⚰️ of his adopted grandson Ace. He tackled the Vice-Admiral to the ground with incredible force. In addition, as we have seen previously, he is a very good tactician whose war maneuvers are also feared by Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World. He was notably at the origin of the stratagem applied by Kuzan which consisted in mounting his allies against Whitebeard. For it,uardo aka The Maelstrom Spider  and it had worked as he turned on Whitebeard 🧙🏼‍♂️ and stabbed him.

One of the most senior officers in the Navy, former Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sengoku is a master of Haki. He knows in particular how to use the Busoshoku no Haki or Haki of the Armament since he was able to injure 🩸 Luffy despite his having a rubber body. In addition, he is also one of the only characters in the series known to know how to master the  Kenbunshoku no Haki or Haki of Observation as well as the Haoshoku no Haki or Haki of Kings . However, he has not been seen using either of these two types of Haki as of yet. Note also that Sengoku is one of the only people to have been able to resist the Haki of the Kings 🤴🏼 accidentally triggered by Luffy to prevent his spiritual brother Ace from

Fruit du démon: Hito Hito no Mi, modèle Daibutsu

Chief Admiral Sengoku had eaten a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit known as Hito Hito no Mi, Daibutsu model, which in French corresponds to the Fruit 🥝 of Human, model: Grand Bouddha. Thanks to the latter, Sengoku is able to increase his height instantly and become a Daibutsu or a giant golden-colored Buddha (he was seen gray in the video game One Piece: Gigant Battle! On Nintendo DS). It also gets its nickname from this ability. When he was seen transforming at Marine Ford, it was seen that the whole area was lit with an intense golden lumière light and Sengoku appeared with gigantic arms. Paradoxically, however, her legs are all thin. Just because of its weight, it can crush structures just on top of it like what happened with the scaffold intended for the execution of Portgas D. Ace. On the other hand, we do not know if Sengoku’s transformation is his hybrid form or his final form, but he does not

While in this form, Admiral Sengoku not only increases his size but also increases his power. He can deliver punches of phenomenal force. Just with a punch, he was able to deflate Luffy’s rubber body while making him cough up blood. He was also able to bring down the Candle Wall of Galdino the Usurer alias Mr.3 which is however harder than steel. Plus, he can unleash waves of destructive shock waves just with his hands. 👏🏼 He notably used this ability to stop Blackbeard and his crew who wanted to destroy Marine Ford. It was observed during this brief confrontation that the power of these shock waves is equal to that of the Gura Gura no Mi stolen by Blackbeard.

During his transformation, a few of the Marines present said they had never seen him in this form, suggesting that the former Admiral-in-Chief did not call on this ability often. Note that this Devil Fruit 👿 is another model of the Human Fruit or Hito Hito no Mi possessed by Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates . It should also be noted that the  Hito Hito no Mi, Daibutsu model  does not have any particular weakness apart from those common to all Devil Fruits. Along with the Ancient Zoan type, the Mythic Zoan type Devil Fruits are the rarest in the One Piece universe. If we believe Borsalino aka Admiral Kizaru,

History of Sengoku

The origins

The character of Sengoku was first mentioned during the incident with Shiki the Golden Lion during the time of Pirate Lord ☠️ Gol D. Roger. At that time, he was still Admiral as the Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy was Kong (the latter later became Commander of the Armed Forces of the World Government). On this occasion, with the help of Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku fought Shiki who sought to kill Gold Roger imprisoned at Marine Ford. As a result of this clash, half of the fortress 🏯 which served as the Navy Headquarters was destroyed. Defeated, Shiki was later imprisoned in Impel Down Underwater Prison .

He is then found during the Ohara incident which took place in 1502 (22 years before the ellipse) when he gave the authorization to Spandine, the head of CP9 and father of Spandam, to trigger a Buster Call. against this island. Note that he was still Admiral at that time and it was he himself who handed Spandine the golden snail that was planned to launch this final attack of massive destruction of the Navy. He will send 10 ships to bombard the island of Ohara with five Vice-Admirals at their head including Kuzan, Sakazuki and Jaguar D. Saul . It was also he who sent his adopted son Don Quixote Rossinante, then Commander in the Navy, to infiltrate and spy on the crew of his big brother, Don Quixote Doflamingo.

Arc Jaya to Arc Impel Down

We then see Sengoku in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise during a meeting bringing together the Chief Admiral and the Grand Corsairs whose agenda was to find Crocodile’s replacement. There were only Bartholomew Kuma, Don Quixote Doflamingo and Dracule Mihawk aka Hawk Eye . 🦅 A surprise guest then joined the meeting, in the person of Lafitte The Demonic Sheriff, who came to propose Blackbeard to succeed Crocodile with the status of Captain Corsair. As Blackbeard was not yet well known enough, the proposal was refused. And leaving the meeting, Lafitte told everyone present to remember the Blackbeard Pirates. In the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Sengoku discovered thatMonkey D. Luffy is the grandson of Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp . Following the destruction of the Judicial Island or Enies Lobby, he then made the decision to increase the bounty of the Straw Hat Pirate to 300,000,000 Berrys 💰 and ordered that he be hunted down. He even sent Garp to Water 7 to arrest his grandson.

Thereafter, throughout the following Arcs, Sengoku only discovered the successive incidents perpetrated by Luffy and his crew. There was the defeat of Captain Corsaire Gecko Moriato Thriller Bark, which pissed him off especially since Kuma failed to capture the Mugiwaras. It was then in the Saboady Arc that he learned how Luffy treated the World Nobles aka the Celestial Dragons at a slave auction. Extremely annoyed, he dispatched Admiral Kizaru to the scene to resolve the issue. During the Impel Down Arc, much to his dismay, the Chief Admiral was also informed that Luffy managed to break into Impel Down prison in an attempt to free his spiritual brother Ace as the Marines must prepare for the clash against Whitebeard and his allies. Seeing Garp laughing at Luffy’s exploits, Sengoku reminded him that such actions have not taken place for over 20 years. He added thatHero of the Navy .

Marineford Arc

At the start of the public execution of Portgas D. Ace, Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sengoku revealed to the whole world who this person, the son of the only and former Pirate King Gold Roger, really was, and what his crimes were. It was at the time of his revelations that Whitebeard and his allies landed in Marine Ford Bay and the war began. Upon Luffy’s thunderous arrival on the battlefield, Sengoku revealed to the world that he was the son of Monkey D. Dragon aka Dragon 🐲 the Revolutionary and as such he was as dangerous as Ace. .

He therefore imposed that a general capital punishment be applied. He then sent Admiral Akainu to manipulate Squardo into turning on Whitebeard. His tactic worked as the Pirate Captain revealed to all of Whitebeard’s allies that Whitebeard sold them in exchange for Ace’s life and managed to stab the Strongest Man in the World. 💪🏼 Shortly after, Sengoku ordered once but running Ace aka Mr. Crocodile 0 intervened preventing soldiers to proceed through the power of its Fruit of the Logia type Devil, the Suna Suna no Mi .

Once the pirates entered the square, Sengoku rolled up his sleeves and declared that he himself was going to join the fight. He then ordered his subordinates to attack Whitebeard and return his head to him. 👨🏼‍🦲 A large number of Navy officers then attacked Edward Newgate simultaneously, but the latter knocked them away with one blow. After Whitebeard advised Sengoku that he could not die without first securing the future of his children (his crew), the Chief Admiral again ordered Ace to be put to death. This time around, it was Luffy who managed to prevent it by inadvertently using the Haki of Kings. When the Straw Hat Pirate reached the execution platform and Empress Boa Hancock , Senkogu changed into a giant Buddha thanks to his power of the Hito Hito no Mi, model Daibutsu. He attacked the two brothers to kill them with his devastating punch. Fortunately, Luffy was able to protect himself thanks to his Gomu Gomu no Gigant Fūsen which allows him in Gear Thirdto inflate his body like a balloon. 🎈 However, the scaffold collapsed, not having withstood the impact.

We find Chief Admiral Sengoku a little later in the battle after Ace, wanting to protect Luffy, was fatally struck by Admiral Sakazuki with his magma punch 👊🏼. It was he who violently tackled Vice-Admiral Garp to the ground when the latter, enraged, was about to attack the one who pierced his adopted grandson through and through. Next comes the arrival of Blackbeard and his pirates at Marine Ford. Sengoku then learned that the Grand Corsair had betrayed him and, after killing Whitebeard and stealing the Gura Gura no Mi , the latter announced that it was now the era of his triumph.

To proclaim his consecration, he made the decision to destroy Marine Ford. This was one too many declarations for Sengoku who is a staunch defender of Absolute Justice. He then used his power again to transform into a gigantic Buddha and launched a terrible shock wave against the Blackbeard Pirates . Then ensued a brief confrontation between Marshall D. Teach and Sengoku supported by Garp who declared that protecting Marine Ford was part of his responsibilities. The Battle of the Ford Navy ended soon after when Sengoku accepted Emperor Shanks the Red’s offer to end it to avoid even more casualties.

After the Summit War

After the War was over, Sengoku was seen chatting with Rear Admiral Brannew (later Commodore) about Magellan and the escape of some of the inmates of Level 6 Impel Down. When the Chief Admiral ordered that the notices of capture of these prisoners be put back into circulation, Brannew told him that the World Government had instead decided to withhold this information in order to prevent their authority from being undermined in the eyes of the whole world. This decision angered Sengoku and was subsequently sent back to resign from Kong, the Commander of the World Government’s Armed Forces.. On this occasion, he proposed Admiral Aokiji to succeed him, but, in the end, it was Admiral Sakazuki who obtained the post after a titanic 10-day duel between the two colleagues on the island of Punk Hazard. .

We then see Sengoku accompanied by Vice-Admiral Tsuru aka The Great Tactician as they land in the Kingdom of Dressrosa after Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo. They then learned that Luffy and his friends were still free on the island despite  the new Admiral Issha aka Fujitora.was dispatched by the new Admiral Commander-in-Chief Akainu to settle their score. Now Inspector General, Sengoku displayed a much more casual demeanor and said that he was no longer in charge of the Navy as a real relief. When he realized that the blind Admiral’s choice laisser to save the Mugiwaras’ life was based on the roll of the dice, he burst into laughter as Tsuru was furious. During the Reverie Arc, Sengoku also made fun of Sakazuki by asking him if being Chief Admiral was an easy thing after he learned that Issho had returned to Mary Geoise despite being forbade him if he didn’t come back with Luffy and Law’s heads.

Take control of the Navy

As we have seen, each Admiral of this armed force has his own vision of Justice. 🏛️ For years, Sengoku has ruled the Navy with a strong hand in advocating Absolute Justice. He would have liked Admiral Aokiji to succeed him since he knew his humanity and his righteousness. Unfortunately, it was Admiral Akainu and his Extreme Justice who inherited his post.

Indeed, only the one who manages to impose himself can apply his vision vision of Justice. You too can take control of the Navy and apply your own conception of Justice in the One Piece universe. Also take advantage of our goodies dedicated to former Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sengoku to demonstrate your determination and gain his support.