Stain, the Hero Slayer

Stain, the Hero Slayer

Chizome Akaguro, also known as Hero Slayer, Stain and formerly vigilante Stendhal, is a villain and ex-vigilante known for killing many Professional Heroes.  He is the main antagonist of the Hero Slayer Arc. 

Chizome was locked in Tartarus , but escaped with most of the other inmates after All For One attacked the prison.

Appearance of Stain


Chizome is an intimidating, muscular man who walks with a distinct arch. He has a flat, somewhat triangular face, without a nose, which he himself removed, and a long chameleon-like tongue, marred by numerous small taste buds. He has rather long black hair, which he wears in a disorderly fashion; they would fall on his face if it weren’t for his blindfold and mask, and little red eyes with tiny irises. 

His combat gear is dark, covered with metal armor all over his body to store his weapons. The torso being sleeveless, he wraps his arms in yellow bandages, from the lower shoulders to the wrists. He also wears long black bracelets and a watch on his left arm, and his knees are protected by metal pads, the costume being completed with black boots with steel armor. He still wears his blood red scarf and matching headband, as well as the ragged cloth he wears around his face as a mask. 

As Stendhal, he had long black hair that he tied into a ponytail. He wore black clothes that looked like bulletproof clothes and had six small folding knives, three on the right side and three on the left side, with two pairs of pockets underneath, but his most striking feature was his mask, which covered completely his face.

Hero Slayer Personality


Stain is a cold, ruthless, and ruthless man who considers having to cleanse society of false heroes.  He believes that those who become heroes for fame or money are unworthy of the name and that only All Might is a true hero. Due to his strong ideology, he took it upon himself to become the Hero Slayer: Stain in order to defile his own hands with blood to purge the false heroes and change the current society, apart from All Might, he wants to kill all the heroes of the ranking of heroes .

Stain does not wish to kill those who are not targets for his own cause. He doesn’t like unnecessary bloodshed, which is why he came to blows with Tomura Shigaraki. He hesitates to attack Tenya Ida before the hero-in-training provokes him. He even explains to Tenya the true traits of a hero, unlike those who wish to use their Quirks selfishly. Stain spares Izuku Midoriya as he exhibits the characteristics and thirst for justice of a true hero . He strongly believes in beliefs and convictions, claiming that they are necessary to accomplish anything and that without them people are weak and eventually die. 

Despite his extremist views and beliefs, Stain has genuine ideals of heroism, which he firmly adheres to. He doesn’t hesitate to save people he deems worthy of being called Heroes, doesn’t like killing for no reason, and even goes so far as to give advice to his enemies. He seems to recognize that what he is doing is morally wrong, but he thinks that in order for society to be put back on the right path, someone has to be what they are, which indicates that they see themselves as somewhat a martyr. 

Stain Alter Coagulation

Stain’s conviction grants him an incredibly murderous aura and a thirst for blood that has paralyzed several heroes in fear. This gives him the confidence to challenge multiple professional heroes at once, even after sustaining significant injuries.

As Stendhal, he believed that all who “wielded power without conviction” were automatically sinners deserving of death, and used this belief to justify his actions as heroic rather than hypocritical. That said, he was perfectly willing to work alongside villains like Kuin Hachisuka to achieve his ends. Stendhal also seems to suffer from a split personality disorder which leads him to consider his identities as vigilante and civilian as two distinct entities (his mental change is signified by whether or not he is wearing his mask at this time). -the). However, his confrontation with Knuckle Duster caused him to change his beliefs, and to begin to think that those who are not “real heroes” 

Stain capabilities

Coagulation Stain

Stain’s abilities allowed him to easily dominate Tomura Shigaraki of the League of Villains.

General Abilities: Stain is an extremely powerful villain who has taken more victims than any other since All Might’s debut. Stain’s aptitude allowed him to assassinate 17 known pro heroes and cripple 24 others to the point of preventing them from fully recovering. Stain showed creativity and mastery in his fighting style. He is able to face opponents near or at a distance through a mixture of diversion, aggression, prediction and use of the environment. His combat prowess allows him to crush targets in armed combat and offset the restrictive activation cost of his Quirk.

Stain was able to defeat and seriously injure Ingenium, a Pro Hero with above average power and great strength of soul, Ingenium had previously attempted to apprehend Stain . This sight left Tensei a paraplegic, Stain’s 24th crippled victim, and the last professional hero the Hero Slayer had defeated. Stain’s reputation and abilities attract the attention of Tomura Shigaraki, who attempts to recruit the Hero Slayer into the League of Villains. After Stain refused to join Tomura’s Alliance, Tomura and Kurogiri faced him, but the swordsman was able to easily overpower this formidable duo. 


While in the town of Hosu, Stain attempted to kill the hero Native, and came up against Tenya Ida, who was able to incapacitate the new Ingenium, mainly because the AU student was driven by revenge for Stain had crippled Tensei, Tenya’s older brother. Stain almost killed Tenya, if Izuku Midoriya, who was looking for Tenya, hadn’t arrived in time. Although Izuku’s new abilities took Stain by surprise, the ex-Vigilant was still able to get him with his Coagulation Quirk, but seeing Izuku as a true hero, he decided not to kill him.After paralyzing Izuku, Stain attempted to kill Tenya and Native again, but his crusade was once again interrupted due to the additional appearance of Shoto Todoroki, who was not far away and sensed a problem had arisen. 

Stain found it more difficult to fight against Shoto than against Izuku, Tenya, and Native, mainly due to his special power, using the interchangeability of his fire and ice powers.  This protracted clash wiped out the blood clotting effects for Izuku, giving the Heir of One For All a chance to join the fight, which allowed Izuku and Shoto to team up to take on the killer of hero. Tenya also found himself free from his paralysis, and after shaking off his desire for revenge, Stain found himself outnumbered three to one and nearly helpless.

According to Izuku, Stain’s tenacity completely changed his movements after he failed to kill Tenya before reinforcements arrived. Overall, it took the combined efforts of Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya, 3 of the strongest students in UA High School, to ultimately defeat Stain . After the battle, Shoto said that Stain was a strong fighter who likely kept him and Izuku alive. When the winged Nomu arrived at the scene and captured Izuku, Stain freed himself from his bonds and showed that, even though he was immobilized, he was more than capable of immobilizing and killing the artificially altered human. , thus saving Izuku. 

Immense speed:Stain’s most remarkable ability is his unmatched speed. He is able to dodge Tenya’s high-speed kick in their first clash, as well as partially block Tenya’s Recipro Burst during the ensuing fight, and Tenya is considered the fastest student. of the University.  Shoto Todoroki was unable to land Stain a single hit, even using fire and ice attacks because Stain has an incredibly high reaction time. Shoto mentioned that Stain was so quick he couldn’t even consider running away. Despite Stain’s incredible speed, he couldn’t escape the high-speed combined onslaught of Tenya’s Recipro Extend and Izuku’s Smash, used in tandem with a 5% Detroit Smash,

Improved Strength: Stain possesses considerable strength, sufficient to slice through many of Shoto’s ice attacks cleanly.

Immense Stamina: Stain has a high resistance to pain, as evidenced by the direct hit he receives to the head with Izuku’s Detroit Smash (5%), and that he was not shaken. After fighting the trio of college students and killing the winged Nomu, it was revealed that Stain’s lungs were punctured by his broken ribs, but he was able to remain upright even after falling unconscious. 

Stain sword

Tactical Intelligence: Stain has repeatedly shown to be a good tactician and can analyze a situation quickly. Stain noticed the chaos in Hosu was caused by Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. While fighting Shoto, Stain pointed out that Shoto, the double-sided hero relied too much on the destructive power of his Ater , which made him predictable and easy to harness in combat. Stain also carries a spare knife under his sleeve in order to surprise his opponents in the event that the Hero Slayer is deprived of most of his weapons.

Indomitable Will: Stain’s ridiculous strength of will has a strong impact on the psyches of others, even during combat. He was able to paralyze several high-level heroes in fear, including a seasoned veteran like Gran Torino and Hero # 2 (now # 1) Endeavor, despite serious injuries. He was also able to force many heroes to reconsider their actions and beliefs, even during combat. Even after his capture, the footage of his speech to the heroes prompted many criminals and vigilantes to act, greatly strengthening the ranks of the League of Villains. 

Stendhall’s alter


Coagulation: Chizome’s Quirk allows him to paralyze his target by tasting a sample of his blood. The time during which the victim remains paralyzed depends on his blood type; in ascending order from shortest to longest time, they are: O, A, AB and B. The maximum time a person can be paralyzed is eight minutes. 


Arsenal of Weapons: Prior to being arrested, Stain carried various weapons with him:

A worn and partially damaged katana.
Five daggers.
Throwing knives.
Pointed boots.
Folding knives

History of Stain

Stain ideology

All Might’s beginnings as a hero have deeply inspired Chizome. Since then, Chizome has wanted to become a hero like All Might. He entered a private high school that trains Heroes to practice, however, he became desperate after seeing the “fundamental decay” of the school, as students became Heroes for money and personal gain. Disillusioned with the reality of the Heroes, Chizome dropped out of school the summer following his first year. 

After dropping out of high school, teenager Chizome preached an ideology he called the “revival of heroism” making speeches directly on the street, but his words were not heard. 

Over the next decade, Chizome realized that only action could create her ideal world and show her true vision of heroism . Chizome has researched and disciplined himself in learning the fighting arts through self-study in order to fulfill his duty of “Heroic Renewal”. During that decade, Chizome’s parents died. It is not known what led to their deaths, but it is believed that Chizome had nothing to do with it. 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

As vigilante Stendhal, Chizome hunts baddies to make up for the heroes’ mistakes. During this time, he worked with vigilantes such as Knuckle duster, The Crawler, and Pop ☆ Step in My Hero Academia Vigilante . For a while, Stendhal grew increasingly disillusioned with the Hero Society, to the point that he began working with a certain Kuin Hachisuka, who supplied the Trigger drug, enhancing the Quirks of several petty criminals. He brutally murdered Akira Iwako and several Yakuza members before attacking Soga Kugizaki . 

In a single fight with Knuckleduster, Stendhal’s nose was completely smashed and he was forced to retreat, causing minor injuries to the Vigilante. However, his defeat was not complete, as he became enlightened after hearing Knuckleduster’s comments on determination. After retreating, Chizome betrayed Kuin by trying to get his eye out and soon after he cut off his broken nose . 

Some time later, Chizome took on the mantle of Hero Slayer: Stain and began to advocate “Revenge of the True Heroes”. In this ideology, Stain sets out the rules to be followed to be a hero: heroes must not desire rewards.or compensation, and people can only have the title of hero when they commit the ultimate acts of self-sacrifice. According to this ideology, the “heroes” of the modern world are impostors who pass themselves off as heroes. 

Stain then began to implement his “rebirth of heroism” by killing the pro heroes, deciding that he would not stop his purge of false vigilantes until the world realized the loophole in the heroic system. Stain’s end goal, in implementing his “rebirth of heroism” ideology, was to create a righteous world filled with true heroes . 

AU Sports Festival Arc

After killing seventeen heroes and injuring twenty-three irremediably, Stain travels to Hosu, where he is confronted by Ingenium. Stain heavily injures the professional hero and leaves him for dead after giving a monologue about his distaste for those he deems not worthy of being called heroes. He thinks that the only person allowed to him is All Might, and that he alone is a true hero. 

Stain goes to a rooftop to spot potential targets, but he is suddenly confronted by Kurogiri. He threatens the villain with his katana and Kurogiri asks him to put his blade away. It offers a meeting between the League of Villains and the famous hero slayer: Stain. Chizome accepts and then teleports them.

The Stain Arc

Stain vs Tomura

Kurogiri brings Stain to the League hideout to meet Tomura Shigaraki. He insists that Tomura allow Stain to join their group. Stain asks about the villains’ goals and Tomura replies that he wants to kill All Might and anything he doesn’t like, including a college student. Unimpressed by Tomura’s childish nature, Stain threatens them both as he thinks Tomura is the worst of people and that there is no sense in spilling blood without a cause. 

Stain immobilizes Kurogiri and immobilizes Tomura by cutting his shoulder with a knife and holding another to his neck. He preaches to his defeated enemy that he will remain a weakling who will achieve nothing with real convictions or desires. He goes on to say that the world is overrun with fake heroes and villains who flaunt their power and pursue meaningless dreams and they all need to be purged.

As Stain’s knife nears Tomura’s face, the villain reacts by quickly grabbing the knife and disintegrating it with his Quirk . Stain retreats a short distance, and Tomura responds to his ideology. Tomura reveals that he is driven by a desire to kill All Might and destroy the people who revere him. Although Stain thinks their goals are opposed, he agrees that they both want to destroy the present. Tomura asks Stain to leave, but Stain reveals that he threatened her to test his motives as people show their true nature when they are on the verge of death. He says he will allow Tomura to grow up and asks to be sent back to Hosu.

Kurogiri teleports, along with Stain and Tomura, to Hosu. Tomura asks what Stain plans to do there, to which he replies that he is going to reform Hosu. He plans to do this by killing the false heroes whose only desires are money when the heroes should be those who perform great deeds. He jumps off the roof, stating that he will keep appearing until the company realizes its mistake. In the seven locations he’s appeared so far, Stain has attacked at least four professional heroes. He only attacked Ingenium in Hosu and then decides to attack the hero Native. After crippling Native, Stain notices the chaos reigning in the city and makes the connection with the League of Villains. He says he’ll take care of them after Native, but he is then interrupted by Tenya Ida. Tenya tries to attack Stain, but Stain first intercepts the young man and knocks him down. He demands that the child leave, but Tenya declares that he will stop the Hero Slayer instead of Ingenium. Due to Tenya’s selfish and vengeful desires, Stain decides to take it upon himself to purge him of the world. 

Stain vs Tenya

Stain vs Tenya

As soon as he arrives, Tenya attacks Stain with a powerful, very fast kick, but the Hero Slayer dodges and stabs Tenya’s arm with his spiked boot. He then kicks Tenya to the ground and declares that Ingenium and his brother are both wimps. He reveals that he made a living for Ingenium to spread the news of the Hero Slayer’s exploits. Stain claims that none of them have the right to be called a hero. Tenya refutes this claim and threatens to kill Stain for his brother. Stain responds by telling Tenya that he should focus on helping the natives and that his thirst for revenge blinds him and becomes the farthest thing from what a hero should be. As the hero slayer preparing to make another victim and sacrifice Tenya for a more just world, Izuku Midoriya appears out of nowhere and punches Stain back with a punch. 

Stain vs Izuku

Izuku found Stain based on what he heard on the news. He knew that Stain was attacking all of his victims in sparsely populated areas and searched all the alleys near Manual’s office until he found them. Stain congratulates Izuku for saving his friend but warns him that if they clash, the weaker ones will be eliminated. 

Izuku decides to oppose Stain as the hero, impressing the Hero Slayer with his strong conviction. Their fight begins, and Stain is even more excited when Izuku narrows the distance between them to negate his opponent’s longer range. Stain hits Izuku with another blade, but the young man narrowly dodges it, slipping between Stain’s legs.  Stain adjusts by slashing behind him, but Izuku quickly moves through the air above him and hits Stain with a 5% Detroit Smash attack .

The Hero Slayer is barely shaken by Izuku’s smash and manages to lick a trace of Izuku’s blood off his knife. Stain claims to have seen Izuku’s plan, but praises the young man and says it’s worth letting him live. He decides to try and kill Tenya instead, but is once again interrupted by Shoto Todoroki who arrives to save his friends.

Stain vs Shoto 

Stain vs Shoto

Shoto Todoroki nearly detonates Stain with a jet of fire, forcing him to dodge. He continues to attack with ice and fire to keep forcing the Hero Slayer away and declares that the villain will not kill anyone tonight.  Stain brushes Shoto’s cheek with a throwing knife and rushes at him while using his sword as a distraction to approach and lick the blood off his face. Shoto uses his fire to drive Stain away, earning him the villain’s praise, and the two clash. Stain systematically dodges Shoto’s fire and ice attacks and manages to pierce his arm by throwing two knives at him. Stain plans to use the opening to kill Native, but Izuku is freed from paralysis and throws Chizome.

Izuku and his allies deduce that Stain’s Quirk gives him the ability to immobilize people by ingesting their blood, and that his time limit is based on blood type. Izuku and Shoto decide to protect Native and Tenya together, and Stain comments that the fight that begins will be difficult. He and Izuku fight in melee while Shoto supports him from a distance with his Quirk. Stain ends up cutting off Izuku’s leg and paralyzes him before attacking Shoto again. Shoto retaliates by shooting flames at Stain, but Stain escapes and claims that Shoto is fighting too recklessly because of his powerful Quirk. He fails to cut the student up, but Tenya comes to his friend’s aid after being freed from the effects of the clotting alter.He uses his Recipro Burst technique to save Shoto by slicing Stain’s sword in half, then repeating the villain with another kick.

Tenya apologizes to his allies for their injuries, but Stain refutes Tenya’s reformation and calls him bogus for the society to be killed. Stain gets angry and becomes more fierce in his attempts to kill Tenya and Native. Shoto keeps him at bay with his elemental attacks, and Stain tries to push him aside with a throwing knife.  Tenya throws herself in front of the knife and it pierces her arm . Stain continues by pinning Tenya to the ground with a second dagger and dives on the duo of young heroes in training.

Stain vs Izuku, Shoto and Tenya

He doesn’t notice that Izuku’s time limit is up and Izuku rushes at him with his power. Tenya does the same, using Recipro Extend to run into Stain. They both attack the villain at the same time, with a punch and a full power kick from their Quirks respectively. Stain makes a last ditch effort to kill Tenya, but Tenya dodges him and sends Stain into the air. Shoto uses the opening to burn Stain with a blast of fire.  These extra hits cause Stain to fall unconscious and lie down on Shoto’s ice pillar. The students pick up his guns and tie up Stain to immobilize him.

Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, and Native leave the alley with the unconscious Hero Slayer at their head. They are greeted by several professional heroes when a winged Nomu dives down and grabs an injured Izuku before flying away. The Nomu was injured by Endeavor and his blood ends up on the cheek of one of the pros. Stain wakes up and licks him to paralyze the beast before breaking free and leaping into the air to stab Nomu’s brain and save Izuku. Although badly injured, Stain kills the Nomu and declares that the “fake” pro Heroes and pathetic criminals in society are his targets for his purge to create a stronger society. 

Stain notices Endeavor’s arrival and decides to face the “false hero” despite his outnumbered position. His mask falls and he shouts his convictions to his opponents. He tells them that the streets must be drained of the blood of hypocrites, that he is going to recover the word “hero” and dares the false heroes to stop him, while slowly advancing towards the group of heroes frozen by the thirst for Blood of the Hero Slayer. Stain’s evil aura shivers their backs as he screams that only All Might is worthy enough to stop him. He only stops when his lungs are punctured by a broken rib and he loses consciousness. Although unconscious, Stain is the only one present at the scene who still has enough strength to face his foe.

The next day, the Hosu Police Chief says Stain has suffered several burns, broken bones, punctured lungs and other serious injuries, but is still alive and undergoing treatment for his severe injuries. injuries. News of Stain’s defeat and arrest spreads like wildfire throughout Japan. Stain’s real name and story are revealed in published articles and become a major topic. His ideology inspires villains to rally and unite in the League of Villains. 

Raid Arc in the Hideout

After being treated for his injuries, Chizome is imprisoned in Tartarus, a special prison for criminals for whom the death penalty is not sufficient. He silently watches the arrival of All For One .

Paranormal Liberation War Bow

As the early years of Yuei High School throw a party, Shota Aizawa comes to tell Toshinori Yagi that Naomasa Tsukauchi told him he had to delay his meeting with Stain.

In the aftermath of the War of Liberation from the Paranormal, All For One, using Tomura’s body as a vessel, sends his army of Nomus to invade Tartarus to retrieve his original body and free the prisoners there. During the escape from prison, Chizome was one of the many released prisoners. However, unlike the other criminals, Chizome chooses not to join the growing villainous forces of All For One. 

Instead, he decided to act on his own and later enter an abandoned building while soaked, implying that he swam from Tartarus to the mainland. Chizome then grabs a new blade while smiling enthusiastically at the turn of events; now that people are starting to wonder about heroes the way he always wanted to, as well as the fact that he can get back to his job. ⚔

Stain and his relationship with heroic society

During the Hero Slayer arc, Stain got the opportunity to meet and battle 3 of the Apprentice Heroes from Yuei Academy.

Tenya Iida


Stain despises Tenya for his desire for revenge on him. He berated the young hero for prioritizing his selfish desire to avenge his older brother over saving the Pro Hero he was about to kill. Even after Tenya learned from his mistakes, Stain went out of his way to kill him, claiming that people don’t easily change their minds. 

Tenya, although he hates him greatly for crippling his brother, admits that Stain was right about him and decides to start over as a Hero.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya

Stain, like All Might, respects Izuku for his beliefs and the bravery he has shown in his fight against him. He recognizes Izuku as a true hero for protecting others despite danger. Due to his respect, he spared Izuku in his first fight and risked his life to save the young apprentice hero from a winged Nomu. 

Izuku also seems to share a similar respect for Stain. When speaking with Shigaraki at the mall, Izuku confessed that while he did not accept Stain’s methods, he at least understood Stain’s desire and the ideals he stood for. Izuku also seems to be grateful to Stain for saving his life from the Nomu.

Due to their encounter, Shuichi Iguchi prevented his comrade Magne from killing Izuku, stating that he was the person Stain saw fit to save, thus being a man worthy of the title of True Hero.

Shoto Todoroki

As with Izuku, Stain also seems to respect Shoto for his skills and beliefs as a true hero, although that doesn’t stop him from attacking him with the intention of seriously injuring him, and blaming him for relying too much on his Quirk. .

Shoto, meanwhile, despises Stain for his ideologies about “fake” pro Heroes, seeing him only as an anachronistic and murderous fundamentalist, and defending Iida from his insulting criticisms and attacks.

Tomura shigaraki

Initially, Shigaraki wanted to recruit Stain for the League of Villains , but after explaining his motives and goals to him, Stain views Shigaraki as an immature child who wants unnecessary bloodshed for nothing. He didn’t hesitate to corner him when they conversed and refused to join his alliance, which earned him Shigaraki’s hatred. However, he was amused by Shigaraki’s desire to kill All Might and destroy those who revere him, which made him see that the latter had potential to develop.

Shigaraki also scorned the fact that Stain’s capture was the main hot topic instead of Nomu’s attack. After having a conversation with Izuku, Tomura discovers that his true hatred for Stain stems from his connection to All Might. Wishing to create a world without All Might, Tomura develops his own conviction and states that he will use Stain’s ideology as a stepping stone for himself. ⬆

Kuin Hachisuka

When he was Stendhal, he formed a partnership with Kuin , in which the two benefited from each other, although this does not mean that they were truly allies, as Chizome warned Kuin that she will be judged by “Stendhal” sooner or later.

She helped Stendhal exterminate the Abegawa Tenchu ​​Kai, and in return, she asked him to return the favor by taking out specific targets for her. He bowed to Kuin’s request, because even the worst dirt has its value.

After being defeated by Knuckleduster and being enlightened by his words, Chizome understood that what she lacked was determination. Kuin Hachisuka laughs at him for his need for determination, for which he throws a knife that gets stuck in his eye hidden by the patch.  Leaving her for dead, he walks away without realizing that Kuin has blocked his attack. Despite this, Kuin decides not to reply , considering that it will make things all the more interesting.

All Might 

All Might

The respect he has for her comes from the respect he had for him as a teenager, since All Might is the reason why Chizome initially decided to become a hero. Chizome’s respect and admiration for All Might runs so deep that before finally falling unconscious, Chizome stated that only All Might was allowed to defeat him. 



While it doesn’t seem like they’ve met before, Stain feels enormous hatred and contempt for Endeavor, seeing him as the epitome of everything a hero shouldn’t be. When they meet, Stain enrages and challenges Endeavor and the other “False Heroes” to try and defeat him in battle, unleashing a malevolent aura that paralyzes everyone in fear, even causing Endeavor to recoil. 

Koichi Haimawari


While still Stendhal, he first respected the young Koichi for his dedication to the vigilante cause. He once saved Koichi’s life from an instant villain. When the villain runs away, Koichi thanks him for saving him and asks for his name. Before leaving, Chizome reveals to Koichi that his name is Stendhal and that he is a fellow vigilante. This meeting makes a great impression on Koichi, who begins to rave about Stendhal.

But that changes when Chizome tries to kill Soga . At first, Stendhal warns Koichi not to get in his way, as there is no point in saving Soga since he only deserves a dog’s death. But Koichi tries to save Soga and himself. fled with him on his back. Stendhal praises Koichi’s innate act of kindness but still considers it bad, as those who side with evil have evil in them, and tries to kill him too until Knuckleduster arrives for them. to save.

Knuckle duster

Apparently, Chizome respected the “Justice of Naruhata” , not wanting to fight him when he arrived just in time to save Koichi Haimawari and Soga Kugizaki. Stendhal saw him as someone who forged the path of righteousness in this twisted society and therefore they shared the same ambitions. However, Knuckleduster strongly disagreed with his opinion, seeing himself as completely different from Stendhal: he is a champion of justice while Stendhal is just a mad street murderer.

Disappointed by the fact that they cannot understand each other, Stendhal attacks Knuckleduster but is knocked out by him. Stendhal’s nose was completely smashed and he was forced to retreat, causing minor injuries to the Vigilante.  However, his defeat is not complete, as he was enlightened after hearing Knuckleduster’s comments on determination. Stendhal thanks him for this revelation before retreating.