TOP 10 Kakashi Cosplay

Kakashi cosplay

Kakashi Hatake is one of the best known and beloved characters in the Naruto fanbase . Besides, fans of the anime have made amazing Kakashi cosplay!

Kakashi has been present in the Naruto saga since its beginnings and has lived and seen many battles throughout his life.  If Kakashi is such a memorable character, it is also because he is endearing, has funny ways and there are several mysteries that hover around him !

So it’s no surprise that Kakashi is an iconic character for many cosplayers. There is no shortage of Kakashi cosplayers and many of them love to use their creativity in order to best shape this character. here is aTOP 10 of Kakashi’s cosplays .

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 10A @UKSAUKSA

Cosplay uksauksa Kakashi

@uksauksa , is a cosplayer who has a deep love for Naruto and more specifically for the Senpai, Kakashi.  She takes a more urban take on Kakashi’s style, sporting a cool graphic, long-sleeved black shirt with Kakashi’s face on it, paired with bold Japanese text.

However, @uksauksa also retains some original elements of Kakashi. She has the same eye color , and the same scar as the original character. In the second photo of her Instagram post, we see her holding the bells with which Kakashi coached the Konoha 7 team. @uksauksa definitely brings her personal touch to cosplay to create a cute, fused and modern version of the character of Kakashi!

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 10B  @THUGKAGE

THUGKAGE Kakashi cosplay

Thukage is another Kunoichi who is good at transforming into a Manga character  or rather Kakashi! This amazing cosplay is done by @thugkage, or Lauren O’Donnell. @ thugkage decides to ditch the long gray hair that many of Kakashi’s female cosplayers use, and instead wear her real hair .

Her short cut is styled to the left, in a smooth and structured fashion, to frame her face. Her hair makes her eyes stand out more.  She also shows a certain talent as a makeup artist! Finally, his tattoo goes well with cosplay , and it looks like a tattoo the real Kakashi could have worn in the saga. (PS: We couldn’t decide between Uksauksa and Thukage, that’s why she both shares tenth place in this top!)

Cosplay Kakashi # 9  : @ WONDERWOMAN905

Cosplay WONDERWOMAN905 Kakashi

 @ wonderwoman905 , or Amazon princess, decided to give her Kakashi cosplay a more eccentric and sensual edge .  This version of her cosplay appears to have been inspired by the powerful ” Sexy Jutsu ” of the Seventh Hokage in the series. With her long white hair behind her back and stiletto heels, this cosplay possesses “mighty power” capable of overpowering the strongest shinobi in the world of Naruto.

In this photoshoot , another character from the Naruto saga takes center stage, Zabuza Momochi.  And it looks like the cosplayer who plays him is also using Naruto’s favorite Jutsu. They both look gorgeous in their black lace outfits holding the executioner’s blade. And @ wonderwoman905 now seems ready to slice up her enemies. 

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 8  : @ELII_COS


Cosplayer @elii_cos, or Elisa Chávez, does a great job of combining traditional elements of Kakashi’s dress style with her own style. @elii_cos keeps the character’s original color palette with the forest green vest, navy blue boyshorts and the iconic accessories Kakashi wears to cover his face.

The navy blue shorts and sleeveless undershirt, however, are changes she made to the original design, and of course, the long white hair. These changes fit well with our own female take on Kakashi.. This is a simple and effective cosplay. But also a good example for all women cosplayers who in turn want to create a cosplay around the character of Kakashi.  That’s why this cosplay gets the sixth place of our top!

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 7  : @HOSHIKOSPLAY


@hoshikosplay, or Hoshiko, is a French cosplayer based in Paris, France. Her instagram feed contains a ton of photos of her favorite cosplay, Kakashi. In this photo, we can see her with another female cosplayer who plays the role of Naruto Uzumaki. They seem to be very accomplices when it comes to cosplaying together in the Naruto universe.

@hoshikosplay takes cosplay authentication a step further with the addition of one of the Icha Icha books , which is a series of adult novels written by Jiraiya, another famous character from Naruto, that Kakashi spends his time to leaf through the saga. The book has perverse content, so that the reaction of the two cosplayers in the photo is perfect.

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 6  : @KYOUNACOSPLAY


@kyounacosplay, or Kyouna, is a hijab cosplayer .  The hijab is a head covering that some Muslim women can wear in public for religious reasons. @kyounacosplay found her unique way to participate in cosplay by styling her hijabs to act as hair. All she has to do is change the color of her scarf when she wants to change the color of her hair. 

In her female Kakashi cosplay, she used a white scarf to stick with Kakashi’s white hair. The hijab is styled to look like long white braids. @kyounacosplay is a resourceful cosplayer and shows that anyone , whoever they are, can dress up as their favorite character

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 5  : @HONEY_MARA

Cosplay Honey_Mara Kakashi
@honey_mara, or Valkyrie Hunter, is an avid gamer and cosplayer living in Spain. His profile features many Naruto-themed cosplays , ranging from Naruto to Gaara , to Hinata, and many more. In this photo, she does a fantastic job on her female cosplay Kakashi.

The clothes she chose to wear give off good vibes, with color coordination between the black of her clothes and the black crystal she wears around her neck. With her long nails with blood red accents,   she puts a little more feminine energy in her Kakashi cosplay .

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 4  : @LENNOX_PHOTO

Kakashi cosplay

@ lennox8photo is a Russian cosplayer well known on Instagram for her various achievements around Cosplay . Rather, it’s a cosplay that sticks to the original design, as she hasn’t tried to improve or change the dress style of the protagonist, Kakashi, except for her long hair. The simple and quirky costume looks great on her , and you can’t help but look at the details that have been implemented to make the scar on her face as realistic as possible!

This cosplayer showcases her work more on her Instagram profile and recently posted some funny photos from her photoshoot under the name Harley Quinn. 

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 3  : @KAKASHI_COSPLAY

Kakashi Cosplay Child

This cosplay was made by an unknown artist , however this photo was reposted by the instagram account of @ kakashi_cosplay, an instagram influencer little known to the general public. Despite everything, this Cosplay deserves a good place in our ranking for various reasons! First of all, because few Cosplayers are interested in the child version of Kakashi Hatake .  But also, because this version is full of realism!

We find all the characteristic elements of the children’s Kakashi costume ! A black T-Shirt with a white line on the shoulders, two leather straps that cross at the level of the chest. As well as two protections on the forearms similar to those of the Animé! The only small complaint we could make with this Cosplay is the blue color of the Konoha headband from Kakashi.

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 2  : @SAEKO_COSPLAYER


The cosplays do not always need to be realistic 100% they can deflect to create a new unique and creative look , like this one on Kakashi. @saeko_cosplayer, also known as Sophie, does just that with her female cosplay Kakashi. With one of the most feminine looks in Kakashi cosplay, Sophie makes many changes, major and minor, to the protagonist’s own design .

Instead of wearing Kakashi’s navy pants, she wears a cute navy blue skirt with thigh-high fishnets. The green waistcoat has been replaced by a buttoned green waistcoat, and she still wears the Uzumaki clan symbol on the sleeves. Plus, little details like his polished manicure and little pigtails make this Kakashi cosplay very kawaii . But the cuteness doesn’t change the fact that this Kakashi cosplayer looks like she wants to kick ass! 

Cosplay Kakashi N ° 1  : @ D00MDCOSPLAY

Cosplay Kakashi D00m

Contrary to what one might think, this Cosplay was conceptualized by the artist @wegenaer but worn by the influencer D00mdcosplay ! As you can see this Cosplay is not lacking in realism, everything is there.
You can feel Wegenaer’s attention to detail, going so far as to customize his own dogs  to make this Cosplay as realistic as possible! Using Jutsu: Kuchiyose – Doto – Tsuiga no Jutsu, D00md, he was also able to summon his squad of tracker dogs in order to immobilize the next opponent who will face him!

More seriously, we invite you to consult and to share the profiles of Wegenaer and D00m because their work is just magnificent. It is possible to find there other Cosplay around the universe of Naruto such as the Cosplay of Madara, Tobirama, Asuma and many others!

If you also want to create your own Kakashi Hatake Cosplay or simply create a Cosplay from another universe, we advise you to follow our tutorial so as not to miss any step in the realization of your project!  Read other articles to kow how to make a good cosplay?