What is the Sharingan?

Description of the different Sharingan

The universe of Naruto presented us with a palette of techniques as brilliant as they are intriguing. Among these, figure prominently, dojutsu, special pupils. The most appreciated by fans for its multiple advantages is the sharingan. What is sharingan? What powers does it offer to its holder? How do you get it and especially how does it evolve?

These are all questions to which we can provide you with answers. Let yourself be carried away by our team of experts and discover the ultimate secrets of this dojutsu.

Famous dojutsu of the Uchiwa clan, the sharingan is one of the most powerful kekkei genkai. It is the hereditary copier eye that appears in their limbs. Only an elite handful can develop it to its perfect form.

In this epic, discover:

  • what is a Kekkei Genkai
  • what a sharingan is
  • the origin and evolution of sharingan
  • the Mangekyou Sharingan
  • the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
  • the Rinnegan

Let’s go into this dimension to learn more about this special jutsu. 📖

The Kekkei Genkai

The Kekkei Genkai

In the universe of Naruto, there is what is called the Kekkei Genkai . Literally translated as the techniques limited to the lineage, ie those that are of the same blood. You should know that these techniques are initially transmitted from generation to generation in family clans. They are therefore perpetuated within the same family or the same clan. The Kekkei Genkai can therefore encompass several kinds of powerful technique.

The different kinds of Kekkei Genkai

The Godai Seishitsu Henka is the first type of Kekkei Genkai which represents its elementary part. It can be translated as: the advanced transformation of the nature of the five elements. There are five main elements for which the shinobi may have more or less natural correspondence. 🌊 💨 🌱

Moreover, we have the leaf test done to find out which element the ninja is affiliated with. Naruto Uzumaki for example has a strong correspondence with the element of wind. It is therefore better for him to use all the techniques that are affiliated with it. They will be much more powerful when he uses this element in his attacks.

Some shinobi, on the other hand, can be made to match two or more elements. For example, for those of the Uchiha clan the main element is fire . We all know Sasuke’s fireball. This does not prevent him at the same time from carrying out powerful techniques of the lightning element It therefore has a double elementary affinity. Mostly fire and minority lightning. But even then we cannot speak of godai seishitsu henka.

Perfect Godai Seishitsu Henka


This one is a form of Kekkei Genkai that shinobi who have a strong correspondence with two elements master. Both are perfectly worn. An unparalleled harmony that allows these two elements to merge to launch a special super technique. He can then create an unstoppable new technique.

Deidara for example is a user of bakuton , the art of manipulating the explosion because it has a strong correspondence with the elements of earth and lightning. Two elements that he was therefore able to merge in order to obtain this godai seishitsu henka, seen in his fight against Sasuke Uchiwa. In the same register, we can note the first hokage Hashirama Senju. He developed the mokuton the art of manipulating wood by merging the two elements for which he had a strong correspondence: water and earth.

On the other side, we have the other type of Kekkei Genkai. This is also the one that will mainly interest us, it is the Dojutsu to be translated as a technique of the eyes or the pupil. In this register we can note the byakugan which is the dojutsu mastered by the members of a clan called Hyuga. We also have the sharingan which is that of the Uchiwa clan. The rinnegan , the last which is supposed to be the only dojutsu of the sage of the six paths. 👀

Track ninjas with dojutsu

Madara's pupil

Regarding all their techniques and all their peculiarities, it is obvious that they are rare in the world of shinobi. Therefore, people with techniques that are part of this Kekkei Genkai have a considerable advantage over other shinobi. These latter are not used to seeing such specific applications of the chakra. It is for this main reason that shinobis with Kekkei Genkai are sometimes feared, sometimes hunted down. Fearful because these techniques are unconventional and generally powerful. 💥

Ninjas are not prepared to face them. They are hunted down because those shinobis with these Kekkei Genkai can be hunted down. Another shinobi or another ninja from a nearby village may seek to root out their peculiarities. Their goal is to appropriate their special characteristics and thus make them weapons of war. So they will have a significant advantage for their village. Let us quote the Akatsuki who instructed Itachi Uchiwa to go and recruit Deidara in view of his Kekkei Genkai and his abilities.

In this register we can also note Ao, a shinobi from the village of Kiri, close to the fifth mizukage. During one of his missions, he killed a member of the Hyuga clan and seized his byakugan. This dojutsu is highly sought after by other villages and other rival clans. There again it is a Kekkei Genkai who broke the links of genetics. Being external to the Hyuga clan he should never have used this dojutsu. In the same way, Danzo did it with the members of the Uchiha clan who tracked him down. Uchiha’s hereditary dojutsu is called sharingan . 👁‍🗨

What is sharingan?

What is sharingan?

According to the definition, sharingan is a dojutsu which allows, like the other dojutsu mentioned above, to analyze genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu from all sides. All this while canceling the effects. But what makes its power compared to others is that the one who possesses it is able to perceive the nature and the functioning of a technique. Note especially that this pupil allows its user to copy the latter if he wishes. 👀

naruto mudras

The hand signs or mudras performed by the user and even the direction in which they are throwing a shuriken. It is the same for the quantity of chakra necessary for the realization of its technique and the implementation of a known technique. All of these things are copied and saved in the blink of an eye by sharingan. The perfect example is the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza . Kakashi copied with his sharingan the permutation technique using the suiton to create a water clone. Even though he had just noticed the same technique used by his opponent. 🌊

The copier ninja is renowned for having over 1000 techniques. Sasuke also had the opportunity to use this technique under the astonished eyes of his comrades by resuming part of Rock Lee’s taijutsu. If Lee trained for years to implement it, Sasuke was able to instantly copy and reproduce a game. All this seeing her once when he did not yet have complete mastery of his sharingan at the time.

Main faculties given by sharingan

sharingan sasuke

In addition to this, the sharingan allows its user to anticipate phrases, movements and techniques that have not yet been spoken or performed. Giving the impression for those who face it that it allows us to perceive the future. Zabuza explains this by evoking the capacity for perception and the hypnotic capacity offered by sharingan. It gives this impression of hypnosis, which aims to destabilize the opponent. However, we must keep in mind that the sharingan can detect and perceive the secrets of the different ninja techniques whatever their nature. ㊙

However, this eye does not necessarily allow you to copy and counter them all. For example, the sharingan does not allow its user to copy another Kekkei Genkai. He will not be able to copy Deidara’s bokuton or Hashirama’s mokuton, and even less the Hyuga Jyuken which requires byakugan. In the same way, having them does not allow to counter all the techniques. Seeing a technique is one thing, countering it is another. 💪🏻

Origin and evolution of sharingan

sharingan evolutions

We can distinguish 3 main forms of sharingan. The first, which is the awakening of the sharingan, concerns the red pupil and which integrates one, two or three tomoes. The second form being the Mangekyou sharingan or kaleidoscope of sharingan. The third form is called eternal sharingan.

Where exactly does it come from? How do the Uchiha come to awaken it and how do these special red pupils evolve?

The Nindaime Hokage spoke volumes about the biological and physiological origin of sharingan when speaking to the First Hokage. He said to him during the Fourth Great War:

“You know it very well, the Uchiha are a demon possessed clan! The awakening of the sharingan is due to the very strong emotional intensity that the Uchiha can feel.”

Indeed, when their member discovers love, it is so strong that his emotions are released and become particularly excessive. You should know that an Uchiha has a deeper love than anyone else for the people he loves. And on the other hand, he will also feel a very great hatred if he happens to lose his loved ones. It is this relationship and the shift in their love and hatred that brings about the awakening of sharingan. ❤

Use of techniques in the Uchiha clan

sharingan chakra

At the physiological level it is reflected in a simple way. After losing the person (s) he cherished with this deep love, many emotions will surface. Among other things, hatred and the desire for revenge, great disappointment or even guilt. It is from this precise moment that a unique chakra is secreted in the brain of an Uchiha . Chakra which will act directly on the optic nerves. This will change the color and appearance of the eyes. 👁‍🗨🩸

Thus reflecting the emotions and feelings of the heart of the shinobi. After awakening the sharingan, it converts all his emotions and acts instantly on this person by increasing his strength, his reflexes and his perception of the world. In the long run, if it fails to inhibit its negative feeling, sharingan will continually increase the intensity of its user’s hatred. From there begins a vicious circle. ➰

The sharingan increases the hatred of the shinobi through which the sharingan intensifies and evolves to be more powerful. This has the effect of increasing the grip of the sharingan and the hatred he instills in the ninjas. It is for this reason that most of the Uchiha  once they activate it have died in a path of hatred that is difficult to return to. 💥

Evolution of the main Uchiha

Evolution of the main Uchiha

Sasuke went through the same evolutionary process as Madara and Obito. Madara is no more special than any other, except that he has thought big in his plans. Any unhealed Uchiha  who had evolved his sharingan at such an advanced stage would have followed the same evolution as Madara. Hence Tobirama’s desire to annihilate them all without exception.

Rare are the Uchiwa  who do not come out darkened by the awakening of the sharingan. Itachi and Shisui are notable exceptions of perfect control of their emotions after awakening their Dojutsu. But these examples are minimal compared to the history of the clan over time. The Uchiha  were also becoming so unstable that to avoid a war all the members of the clan had to be decimated. What Itachi did for the good of his village, Konoha Village. 🏙

The particularity of the awakening of this dojutsu is incredible because it also suggests that it is not all Uchiha  who are brought to activate it. Byakugan for example is a dojutsu which is active from birth. Sharingan is not. 👶🏻

Mikoto Uchiwa

If during his lifetime an Uchiha  does not feel the intense emotion necessary for its activation, the sharingan will simply not awaken. It is for this reason that within this own clan we saw cheerful ordinary civilians who did not give the impression of having activated their sharingan and sinking into hatred. The closest example is Sasuke and Itachi’s mother, Mikoto Uchiwa. This is what the first data collection (Rin no Sho databook) tells us: Sharingan is a unique ability that manifests itself, even among members of the Uchiha clan , in only a handful of people.

The phases for the first form of the Sharingan

In its first form, this three-level dojutsu: the one- tomoe sharingan , the two-tomoe sharingan and the three-tomoe sharingan. The awakening situation of the sharingan can vary from one person to another, as can the number of tomoe that appears during the first activation.

For Sasuke the awakening of his sharingan happened when his big brother massacred his family. He was confronted with the death of all the beings he cherished: his clan but more significantly his father, his mother and his brother who in his eyes had died for him at that moment in a colorful way. At that moment Sasuke activated his sharingan with a tomoe only in both eyes.

Likewise, Madara activated his sharingan for him after he made the decision to sever the great friendship he had with Hashirama Senju . For him, he was an Uchiha  destined to face the Senjus and the ninjas of Konoha. The two clans which are killing each other and which are in perpetual confrontation. He awakened two sharingan to a tomoe. 🩸

The obito fight

The obito fight

On the other hand, it is possible that awakening has already skipped a stage. If we refer to the two books that tell the story of Itachi: Itachi Shinden written by Takashi Hano, supervised and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. This ninja activated his sharingan directly with two tomoes. This happened after he was confronted with the deaths of his teammates and friends killed by Obito . At the time, he realized the price to pay to activate the sharingan and from that moment on he was worried about his little brother. 

He knew he would have to go through an ordeal as difficult as the one he had just undergone if he ever wanted to activate his own sharingan. Moreover Itachi cried as he fled after being chased by Sasuke the night he decimated the members of his clan. He realized he was the trigger for what he dreaded the most for his younger brother. While he always wondered what terrible and painful ordeal Sasuke would go through to activate his sharingan. He realizes that it was he who made him live it.

Much like Itachi, our fourth character Obito also had his sharingan when faced with dire straits. She let consider the death of her teammates including Kakashi who was in a critical situation. The idea of ​​losing him awakened in Obito two sharingan with two tomoes.

Several factors could then explain the number of tomoes that appear when the sharingan is first activated. The state and physical capacity of the shinobi at the time of activation or the depth of his emotions at the time of his awakening. Once it is awake, it is the determination, the repeated use of this dojutsu but also the hatred combined with the sadness that its user may feel that will make it evolve. This until he reaches the final stage of his first form: the three-tomoe sharingan.

Known and mastered technique of sharingan

sharingan genjutsu

Regarding their characteristics, each stage brings a new skill and reinforces the one already acquired. The first tomoe increases the ninja’s reflexes and the perception of the surrounding world. The second tomoe reinforces these first capacities and the shinobi is now able to perceive the secrets of the techniques. For example, he becomes able to deflect the genjutsus by seeing them through them. In addition he is able to copy this technique simply by looking at them except for the Kekkei Genkai as said previously.

Orochimaru snake

As for the third tomoe, it reinforces the previous capacities, that is to say perception, anticipation and increased copying. It also offers the possibility for the shinobi to hypnotize his opponent. Above all, it is to cast genjutsus considerably more powerful than the conventional genjutsus to which the sharingan becomes immune. At this stage, the sharingan genjutsu also makes it possible to control all types of creatures. This in the image of the serpent of Orochimaru which Sasuke took control to escape the area that Deidara had detonated. 🐍

It can also be noted that it is possible for the user to have a different number of tomoe depending on the eye. It happened to Sasuke who had a second tomoe in his right eye when Naruto was about to be killed by Haku when he only had one tomoe in his left eye. This tomoe also allowed him to increase his reflexes in addition to having acquired the possibility of perceiving Haku who precisely used a Kekkei Genkai difficult to counter. Only the sharingan of at least two tomoes could have seen and followed him.

Secret techniques: izanagi and izanami

izanagi and izanami

In the most advanced stage of its first form, it already allows its user to use two immensely powerful genjutsus from the Uchiha clan . As well as they have been classified as Kinjutsu or techniques prohibited within the clan. First, the Izanagi which makes it possible to connect illusion and reality. It is incredibly powerful and it is a forbidden technique which acts directly on the thrower and not on the opponent. The user can control any event concerning him once he has activated his genjutsu. 👁‍🗨

If he gets killed after activating the Izanagi, he can already be killed and his body will return to the place where he activated the technique before the attack. The izanagi can be activated with a sharingan only and the price to pay for using it is the loss of this sharingan which becomes permanently blind. This implies that this technique can only be used twice. To make optimal use of it, it is necessary to have the cells of the Rikudo who created this technique. It has therefore happened that the Uchiwa , his direct descendants, combine their cells with those of the Senju, his other descendants in order to increase the power of the Izanagi. This is what Tobi did but also Danzo who implanted these cells. 🦠

Then sharingan also allows the use of Izanami , the other ultimate genjutsu also prohibited in the same way as Izanagi. It allows to create a time loop in which the adversary will be imprisoned for eternity. Until he accepts his fate without seeking to alter it with the Izanagi according to the rules established by the launcher of the attack. This technique was created to punish and put back on the right path the Uchiha  who abused the use of Izanagi to counter fate. What made them moreover vain. However, its use also implies the loss of the sharingan which initiated the technique and it is partly for this reason that the technique was banned within the clan.

The Mangekyou Sharingan

Mangekyou Sharingan

Among the total population, there are few members of the Uchiha  clan who one day awakens the sharingan. Among these are even rarer those who awaken the stadium above the sharingan. The Mangekyou sharingan is described as a legendary jutsu within the clan. Data book number 3 qualifies its users as being the beings who grasp the cogs of the earth and the heavens. As for the Mangekyou sharingan, his eyes are referred to as the heavenly eyes that see everything in the universe. Here is the intermediary of Amaterasu representing the light and Tsukuyomi representing the nightmarish darkness of the spirit world. 👻

Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki

This definition is also particularly characteristic of the powers of Itachi. The secret of the evolution of the Uchiha  dojutsu and therefore the secret of the Mangekyou Sharingan designating the first stage of this evolution is inscribed on the stele which is located under the Nakano temple within the Uchiha clan . It was forged by Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki who fully coded these inscriptions in order to prevent his offspring separated between what will become the Senju clan and the Uchiwa clan. to recreate the rinnegan. To read it in its entirety, one must therefore have the rinnegan, dojutsu that only he has. On the other hand, the sharingan already makes it possible to decipher some passages of the stele. Passage which is revealed as the sharingan completes its evolution.

The stele explains for whoever manages to decode it how to have the Mangekyou sharingan. It also and above all explains one of the most powerful abilities of the Mangekyou sharingan. It gives its user the ability to control all Bijuus , i.e. tail demons. The number of tomoe when awake or the more or less different techniques that it can give in a unique way to one or the other user means that sharingan is not a unique technique. He does not give the same powers to all who awaken him. On the contrary, some of these characteristics may differ depending on the user. This is precisely and particularly the case of the Mangekyou sharingan. 

Mangekyu sharingan of the main Uchiha

Mangekyu sharingan of the main Uchiha

Literally Mangekyu means Kaleidoscope which is an object which was invented by Scottish physicist David Brewster . This takes place at the beginning of the 19th century. Cylindrical in shape, the kaleidoscope is made up of several skillfully arranged mirrors that can reflect light in an infinite number of colors. What reproduces different see an infinity of drawings according to the position of the device or according to the jolts given to it. 🕋

The Mangekyou Sharingan takes exactly this principle and it is for this reason that it is not a single dojutsu but a dojutsu which varies between users. We therefore have the infinity of feelings and feelings specific to each individual who awakens it. This is what leaves room for this infinite possible drawing of the eye, hence its name of Sharingan Kaleidoscope.

Madara’s Mangekyu sharingan

Mangekyou sharingan from Madara

Regarding Madara we do not have any information on his unique technique although we are certain that he does. However, as he manages to overpower the mangekyu sharingan in both of his eyes, it allows him to use the susanoo . It is an incredibly powerful ninjutsu which on the one hand protects its user by developing a shield made up of layers of chakra. On the other hand, it allows him to attack others with different weapons such as Totsuka’s sword or directly with techniques related to taijutsu.

The Mangekyu sharingan of Obito and Kakashi

They have the same mangekyu. It is for this reason that Kakashi sensei has the same technique as Obito. The technique which is called Kamui, is a technique making the link between the real world and the parallel dimension namely Kamui created by this mangekyou. This technique allows its user to teleport anything or anyone to this dimension. 🌌

Mangekyu sharingan of Obito and Kakashi

On the other hand, we can see a difference in the characteristics of their Kamui. The left eye of this mangekyou, namely the eye Kakashi received, allows him to perform the kamui over a long distance. As for the right eye, it allows Obito to perform the kamui over a short distance and on himself. This allows him by gradually using it on himself or several parts of his body to teleport and cross matter. It is a hypothesis which makes it possible to confirm the power of the Mangekyou which adapts to the one who awakens it.

Obito is presumed dead trapped under a rock he could not free himself from. His mangekyou sharingan thus allowed him to pass through the material. Madara’s words also reinforced this thought. As for the susanoo , none of them can use it completely because to awaken it you have to master and have two mangekyou sharingan.

Shisui’s Mangekyu sharingan

Shisui mangekyu sharingan

As for him, his mangekyou sharingan allows him to perform the unique technique of Kotoamatsukami . It is a genjutsu which allows its user to enter anyone’s mind and control him and his will in order to make him say or do anything. The targeted individual is under the full control of the launcher. The targeted person does not realize that he is under a genjutsu. As for Susanoo, Shisui has never shown his use in the story although it is presumed that he had ample potential to use the technique with his two mangekyou.

Itachi’s Mangekyu Sharingan

In addition to allowing its user to have unique techniques, he can go even further by granting him techniques specific to each eye. We have seen the case of Obito but it is also the case of Itachi. His right eye allows him to use Amaterasu an offensive ninjutsu that allows him to send black flames. They attack the place he is staring at with his eye. The black flames will not go out until they have completely burned and consumed their target. 🔥

Itachi's Mangekyu Sharingan

As for his left eye, it allows him to perform Tsukuyomi one of the most complex and powerful genjutsu. It allows the victim to lose track of time or imprison him in an illusion. It converts a few seconds in reality into several days, months or years in genjutsu. From Itachi’s perspective, it’s only been a few moments. Very little between the moment he launches his attack and the moment when the victim comes out traumatized and bruised. Psychologically shocked, she was unable to fight for a long time. 💉

It is shown that if Itachi wants it, he can create intense stress during the illusion which can go as far as killing the targeted individual as he did with Izumi Uchiwa . It is said that he started the massacre of his clan by killing her, the one he loved; by immersing it in a Tsukuyomi genjutsu. He made her live about 80 years of existence by her side in a fraction of a second. She died happy. As for Susanoo Itachi masters it very well.

Sasuke’s Mangekyu sharingan moves

Sasuke's mangekyu sharingan

For Sasuke the mangekyou sharingan of his left eye allows him to execute Amaterasu . It is the same technique as that of his brother. His right eye allows him to control and manipulate the Enton. It thus gives a shape to the black flame. He therefore allows him to control an element specific to him and that we can describe him as Kekkei Genkai. The name he gives to this element is the Enton. This ability emerges when he combines the mangekyou of his two eyes. He can also extinguish the amaterasu’s flames. Of course, since he masters the mangekyou in both eyes, he also has a susanoo.

The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Basically it was meant by Itachi that to activate his mangekyou sharingan he had to kill his best friend. Subsequently it turns out that it is not necessarily like that. It is activated when Uchiwa  has suffered an intense emotional trauma related to the loss of one or more loved ones. Although the Mangekyou sharingan grants many powers to those who activated it. Its use also causes disadvantages for them. The price to pay for its use is serious and irreversible. The more it is used, the more ill effects it has on the user’s body. Not to mention the considerable amount of chakra drained during its use. 💥

It also gradually degrades the vision of its user to the point of plunging him into darkness. Itachi was nearly blind to him at the time of his death. It is the same for Kakashi who sees his eyesight getting worse and worse. Madara realized this long before and reflexively took the eyes of her brother Izuna who accepted this sacrifice for the sake of the clan. Because being the leader of the clan and responsible for it, he had to not fall to ensure the future of the clan. 👁‍🗨

What he didn’t know at that moment was that he had just awakened a whole other dojutsu, the eternal mangekyou sharingan. The symbol of it is a combination of the two mangekyou sharingan. This new dojutsu fluidifies and considerably increases the gestures and movements of the one who uses it, in addition to improving the techniques of mangekyou sharingan. This is the regular symbol that Madara mentioned. We are talking here about the last form of the sharingan and therefore its tomoes will no longer evolve. The eye therefore becomes perfect and eternal. 👀

The rinnegan

The rinnegan

What is rinnegan?

The rinnegan is the most powerful dojutsu in the Naruto universe, ahead of the sharingan of which it is the ultimate evolution. This eye appears as pinkish gray or purplish gray with several concentric circles. The rinnegan is the eye of Hagoromo, the sage of the six paths and whoever possesses it is considered his successor.

This eye has known only four carriers: Hagoromo, Madara, Nagato and Obito over the thousand years that the shinobi air has known. It must be said that Hagoromo who naturally awakened his own by killing his own brother manipulated by their mother. To awaken the rinnegan, it is necessary to have the powers of the sage of the six paths or to bring together the genetic material of his two sons in one.

Madara Uchiwa already had the genetic material of Hagoromo’s eldest son from being one of his reincarnations. As a result, he was able to awaken the rinnegan, by coupling his cells to those of Hashirama Senju, reincarnation of the younger son of the sage of the six paths. Moreover, the rinnegan used by Nagato then by Obito are only those of Madara.

The powers granted by the most powerful of the dojutsus

the most powerful of dojutsus

The rinnegan, offers its wearer the possibility of separating its soul into six and of introducing it into corpses called “avatars” or “bread”. He can thus create bars in a special metal. It also offers six powers called “ways” corresponding to the six ways of reincarnation. These pathways can each be used by one of the created avatars who then implanted the metal bars in their body. 🌫

  • The tendô or divine way: this power makes it possible to control gravity to attract or repel almost anything. It even offers the possibility of enclosing a target in a block of stones formed by the attraction of nearby rocks.
  • The shuradô or asura path: this power allows the use of weapons integrated into the body and of advanced technology. It can be homing missiles and thrusters.
  • The gakidô or way of the hungry demon: this power makes it possible to absorb the chakra of the adversary. He makes all of his chakra techniques unnecessary.
  • The chikushodô or animal way: this power makes it possible to summon chimeric animals. We also have giants like a cerberus which multiplies with the slightest damage suffered or a bird which lays explosive eggs.
  • The ningendo or human way: this power is linked to the soul and the spirit, and allows to read the minds of people and to tear the soul from them.
  • The jigokudô or infernal way: this power also nicknamed “the judgment of God”. It allows to know if a person is lying, and in which case, the lie is punished by death. This power also resuscitates the avatars of the holder of the rinnegan.

The other 2 powers of the rinnegan

boruto rinnegan

The rinnegan also grants two other powers that are just as powerful, but impossible to transfer to an avatar:

  • The gedo or heretical way: this power allows anyone to be resuscitated in exchange for their own life.
  • The limbo or spectral clone: this power allows you to create an invisible double of yourself. However, only visible to another holder of the rinnegan or noticeable to a user of the Six Path Sage Hermit Chakra. It is untouchable except of course by the chakra of the sage of the six paths.

At the end of Naruto Shippuden, another rinnegan appears, purplish gray with tomoes distributed over three on the first two concentric circles. This rinnegan belongs to Sasuke Uchiwa who got it as a gift from Hagoromo. This eye has powers related to space-time only. It allows Sasuke to teleport and open dimensional portals.
In the Boruto manga, adapted as an anime, two new rinnegan appear, one red and the other yellow. They belong to Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Ishiki Otsutsuki . These eyes are linked to the absorption and restitution of the chakra, as well as to space-time. 🌌

You are finally free from this genjutsu!

Boruto Rinnegan Sasuke

Sharingan is one of the greatest dojutsu in manga. In one of the most respected but also the most feared clans of the village of the leaves. Although the evolution of it goes through suffering, most of the time.

It can be seen as an immense power which, used wisely, can save lives. The other side of the coin is that whoever activates it and cannot control their emotions becomes a slave to it. Few of the Uchiha  have escaped a dire fate. But could they have done otherwise?

The power of the Uchiha is enclosed in their special pupils. A whole mystery revolves around their techniques. Mystery that you were able to discover in this article, so we hope you liked it! Tell us quickly in the comments which form of sharingan you prefer! ✍🏻