Who is the Strongest Kage? TOP 30!

Stronger Kage ranking

In through the Naruto saga, the young Uzumaki has only one goal: one day become Hokage to lead and protect the people of Konona. This coveted role passed into the hands of several Konoha leaders before falling into those of Naruto. Over time, he became one of the strongest Shinobi of the different generations, making him a perfect candidate.

However, he’s not the only Kage . Four other leaders are also trying to protect their own villages and lands. After all, the land of fire is only one of the five nations. Even though Naruto is incredibly strong, more Kages are needed to keep this world safe. Over time, he even befriended the other Kage.

Since the Hidden Villages have existed, there have been dozens of Kage to protect them. All Kages are different, some are surprisingly powerful, others are just plain correct, and some were not worthy of becoming Kage. Looking at the history of the villages and their chiefs, it is not difficult to see that some Kage have a bigger impact than others.

Here is our ranking of Kage from weakest to strongest:

30. (Third Hoshikage)

Third Hoshikage

Although the Hoshikage are not recognized by other Shinobi countries, they are structured and have a rich enough history to deserve a mention. It is important to note that the Third Hoshikage is the lowest Kage in the rankings. While he was strong enough to rule his village, he is overwhelmed by a plot by his successor to overthrow him. Of course, it doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a first name in the anime.

We will remember the Third Hoshigake that he proudly led his people through time.

29. Rasa (Fourth Kazekage)


Father of Gaara, the next Kazekage, Rasa  was a Kazekage connected with suspicious individuals and a horrible father. Rasa gladly used his younger son as a weapon, making him the Jinchuriki of Shukaku as a child. Worse yet, he tried to assassinate his son, Gaara, the day he lost control. And that only made matters worse! Eventually, Rasa was plotting in the shadows with Orochimaru, and that’s what will ultimately kill him.

Although he has unique abilities, his bad choices made him a bad Kage for Sunagakure.

28. A (Second Raikage)

Second Raikage

Like many of his predecessors, this Kage worked hard to maintain the peace and unity that his predecessor had built. Besides keeping the peace in the village, he wanted to maintain good relations with other nations. While his abilities are a mystery within the Naruto Saga, his tenure as Raikage has gone without incident.

Having been the first bodyguard of the first Raikage for many years, he probably wanted to carry on the vision of his friend, the Raikage!

27. Byakuren (First Mizukage)


Bykuren certainly has the most unusual physique in the saga, and was the first shinobi to unite the ninjas of the water lands. By creating the village of Kirigakure, he united the water ninjas in one and the same country, but this created an isolation of the village. Byakuren was a cautious and suspicious Kage, leaving Kirikagure very mysterious to the other Kage. While this protected them from infighting, this isolation ultimately contributed to the emergence of the barbaric practices of the Blood Mist era. 

Byakuren tried in vain to protect his village from other nations, but his long-term view was wrong!

26. A (First Raikage)

First Raikage

Founder of Kumogakure, young Raikage did everything in his power to protect his village. Unlike many other Kages, he was willing to cede land in an effort to secure Kumogakure. Although he did not know how to exercise his powers, he showed pragmatism and efficiency. When the war claimed his life, he handed the village over to his bodyguard, who also wanted to protect  Kumogakure . 

Anyone who is strong enough to unite and keep a country united, deserves to be recognized. It is clear, however, that he relied more on intelligence and diplomacy than on force.

25. (Third Mizukage)

Third Mizukage

When the first Mizukage went to meet the other nations, his bodyguard was the serious and future third Mizukage. For Konoha, the third Mizukage was even more lonely than its precursors. After the reunion between the different nations and the violent story of the second Mizukage. ( The Gengetsu / Mu feud almost tore their two villages apart)
This Kage preferred to keep Kirigakure more isolated than ever.

As the third Mizukage tried to protect the village, it only deepened their isolation. Worse yet, he eased the Blood Mist’s air of the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura , an unscrupulous man!

24. Shamon (Second Kazekage)


Unlike the  other Kages, Shamon’s greatest prowess does not depend on his strength or his strategic side. The second Kazekage was the first person to do serious research to improve the power of tailed beasts. He also developed his own style of Ninjutsu, by incorporating chakra within puppets, this ability is still used by Sunagakure .

After achieving the bodyguard status of the first Kazekage, fans assumed Shamon was powerful enough. But it was not by force that he changed Sunagakure, but rather by passing on an incredible legacy to his village. Awakened bijû and the use of puppets have become exceptional assets for the village of Suna. 

23. Ishikawa (First Tsuchikage)


Iwagakure, the village of the land of the earth was founded by Ishikawa , in a natural fortification of rocks and mountains.  The city has wonderful defensive capabilities, which its people are very proud of. As Tsuchikage , Ishikawa was a worthy and strong man with unique abilities. History has shown that he handled insects.  However, Iwaga’s ninjas recognize his abilities allowing him to float in the air.

Ishakawa took his Tsuchikage position seriously. Indeed, no matter the time, his village has always been very powerful.

22. Mei Terumi (Fifth Mizukage)

Mei Terumi

After the rule of the Blood Mist ended, the new Mizukage , Mei took power. From the start of his coronation, Mei reformed all the bloody policies put in place by his precursors. Yagura was certainly the cruelest Mizukage, but the other predecessors were bloody as well.

Mei nevertheless deserves to be congratulated on the one hand for having transformed the entire village and on the other hand for bringing peace to it. Despite her kindness, don’t try to upset her. She is considered a master at handling steam and lava. Mei  Terumi is therefore a dangerous enemy to face.

21. Hiruzen (Third Hokage)


When the Naruto saga begins, Hiruzen  is the old Hokage of Konoha village that Naruto greatly appreciates and admires. A close friend of Tobirama and Hashirama, the village fell under his protection when they both left. Hiruzen was able to summon Enma , the King of the Apes as well as use a very high level of natural transformation, although he was old, Hiruzen was still a powerful Hokage with exceptional techniques.

Nonetheless, Hiruzen waited too long before leaving his post vacant. As old age began to kick in, he lost his clash against Orochimaru.  Although wise, he sometimes found it difficult to take a step back.

20. Reto (First Kazekage)


Desert shinobi are renowned for being difficult to deal with nomadic ninjas. Reto first had to tap into his strength to convince the Sand Ninjas to come together. In the opinion of fans, the Shinobi of Sunagakure are stubborn. His powers must have been domineering if he was able to convince all of the Shinobi to come together in one village.

Unfortunately, Reto himself is incredibly stubborn. He almost tore up the first Kage meeting with his demands. It’s no surprise he was murdered, despite his title

19. Chojuro (Fifth Mizukage)


After the days of the Blood Mist in the village of Kiri, the next Mizukage paid particular attention to reviving the coat of arms of Kirigakure . Mei Terumi began to transform the village internally while Chojuro developed her village in order to bring it to the same stage of development as the other hidden villages. The traditional customs have been preserved and the  children have learned to become great ninjas. Even foreigners were welcome again.

In addition, Chojurobecame a master swordsman as well as a follower of water ninjutsu. He shines both in stealth and in the wielding of swords. Although he is a very nice Mizukage compared to his historical predecessors, he is nonetheless a powerful Mizukage capable of protecting Kirigakure.

18. Akahoshi (Fourth Hoshikage)


The Fourth Hoshikage , Akahoshi, resumed the controversial star training within Hoshigakure.  Although the star chakra enhancement abilities are frightening, working with the meteorite is dangerous and poisonous for its people. But allows to develop the technique of the Mysterious Peacock. Akahoshi’s

desire to sacrifice his village and himself for prestige makes him a horrible Kage. However, when it comes to power, his mastery of the Mysterious Peacock is formidable. He is also feared by other nations and that is why he is certainly the most powerful of the Hoshikage to date.

17. Darui (Fifth Raikage)


Darui , the fifth Raikage, has seen a lot of change taking place within Kumogakure. On the one hand, he is the first Raikage not to be called A. On the other hand, he befriended other Ninja villages unlike his predecessors. Through his training and his role as the bodyguard of the Fourth Raikage , he has become a competent shinobi who wields the Raiton the village specialization very well. Within the Boruto series, he became the Raikage of Kumo.

In  using its capabilities swordsmen, Black Lightning and clones of shadows, Darui, has all the skills necessary for the protection of  Kumogakure .

16. Onoki (Third Tsuchikage)


Overall, Onoki is a legendary ninja who deserves a higher place in this ranking.   He was also the oldest existing Kage    of his time, because no village was able to dethrone him.   However, the Third Tsuchikage has glaring flaws that make it less ideal.    His joint pains, for example, cause him difficulties during his fights.

If people judged him purely on his younger years, Onoki would be one of the best Kage .     However, when you consider the whole of his tenure, he put his village in great danger in the last years of his life. 

15. (First Hoshikage)

First Hoshigake

Hoshigakure’s first Hoshikage was the ninja who discovered a meteorite that gave anyone who trained with it supernatural ninjutsu abilities.  This ability is called the Mysterious Peacock Method. The Hoshikage, first of the name, was the first to master this unique chakra, implementing a new era of power and recognition for the village of Hoshi . The first Hoshigake even thought that this mastery of the Mysterious Peacock earned him a place at the top of the Kage.

Between learning the star’s secret benefits and founding their village, the first Hoshikagehas set up great things for the village of Hoshi. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the star’s terrible side effects. 

14. Kakashi (Sixth Hokage)


The role of Kage can be exhausting, but few candidates appear so selfless that Kakashi faces the task. Kakashi is a powerful shinobi possessing a multitude of skills. He also masters several ninjutsu, he is a strategic combat genius who also inherited a Sharingan. Be careful, do not be fooled by its relaxed appearance, at the risk of losing your life. Despite his qualities, he hardly appreciates his leadership role. After only a few years, he handed his title back to Naruto.

During his tenure as Hokage , Kakashi didn’t mess around. He focused on protecting Konogakureduring the Fourth Great Ninja War.  Kakashi is an intelligent ninja, who is able to use his skills wisely, but also to make strategic decisions quickly. Even though he was reluctant to be Hokage, he clearly helped save the world from Kaguya’s threat.

13. A (Fourth Raikage)

Fourth Raikage

When Naruto first ventured into Kumo Village , kumogakure was under the protection of the Fourth Raikage . A is known for his blazing speed and his huge chakra. Upon the death of  Minato Namikaze, A became the fastest new ninja in the Naruto saga. Although he now has only one arm, he was still chosen as the supreme leader of the Allied forces during the Fourth Great War.

The greatest power of A , is none other than his determination. Despite the loss of his dominant arm, he did not deflate and he continued to protect Kumo and the world.

12. Gaara (Fifth Kazekage)


Although Kage’s post suffers from nepotism in most ninja villages, one of the worst offenders is the Kazekage . The villagers assume that the Children of the Hokage will one day rule the village. It’s scary when you think of Gaara, the young ninja raised to be a weapon.

Fortunately, while visiting Konoha during the Chunin exams, Gaara encountered Naruto, Rock Lee, and other protagonists who expanded his hurt and tainted mind. His awesome power grew steadily and he eventually became a  strong and respected Kage . As he grows older , he will adopt a boy named Shinki, a young shinobi with powers similar to his.

11. Kurotsuchi (Fourth Tsuchikage)


Kurotsuchi is an  intelligent, calm and powerful Kunoichi . Between her different abilities and her Kage lineage, she was predestined to become the new Tsuchikage. She was trained by both her father and her grandfather. Thanks to her mastery of Doton, Suiton, Katon and Yôton, she was predisposed to become Kage. In addition, his reflexes and physical strength strengthen his ninjutsu to be even more powerful.

As an intelligent woman with multiple abilities, Kurotsuchi is a versatile and efficient Tsuchikage .

10. (Third Kazekage)

Third Kazekage

Despite Gaara’s abilities and his certain fame, the people of Sunagakure  elect the Third Kazekage, as the most powerful leader of the different generations. The competition was tough! In front of him, we find the jinchûriki of Shukaku , Rasa the manipulator of gold dust and Reto, the founder of Suna. this feat is far from trivial. His handling of “iron sand” and “magnetism” ninjutsu make him an exceptional Kage. When Orochimaru reincarnated him, the Third Kazekage defeated his copy and fought Orochimaru’s grip. He has a body and a mind of steel.

If this man was able to impress the people of Suna, he must be an extraordinary Kage .

9. Tsunade (Fifth Hokage)


Tsunade  is a very promising Kunoichi from Konohagakure and possesses the title of Legendary Sannin. She was passionate and had a knack for medical ninjutsu. In addition, she devoted herself to the reform of medical training of Konoha teams. As Kunoichi Hokage, she participated in both the protection and well-being of Konoha . When Hiruzen died, Tsunade was the village’s first choice to replace the previous Kage.  After all, she has Hashirama’s blood running through her veins. 

Despite his reluctance to take up this position, Tsunade spent his tenure protecting the people of Konoha, advancing the medical abilities of ninjas, and developing Konohagakure .

8. A (Third Raikage)

Third Raikage

Few of Kumogakure’s ninjas  can boast of being as powerful as the Third Raikage, A. His people consider him their greatest leader. Not only could he use most of the other ninjutsu in the various Raikage, but he also had the stamina to take on a Tailed Beast head-on. It is not an easy feat. He could also use the Black Lightning Technique which he passed on to Darui. 

The Third Raikage wanted to make sure that his son, the next Raikage, would have all the wisdom needed to take up the torch. Between his clairvoyance and exceptional abilities, he protected his village and ensured the safety of future generations of Kumo .

7. Yagura (Fourth Mizukage)


Yagura  is arguably the most feared Kage in the Naruto saga. It is important to note that he was brought up in a very violent atmosphere. As a child, he won the Ninja Academy graduation battle, becoming Kirigakure’s strongest young shinobi . In no time at all, he became the most powerful in the village and rose to the rank of  Mizukage . Indeed, Yagura drew his strength from his Bijû, Isobu and his brute strength. He also became the most ruthless Mizukage during the Blood Mist period. 

Of course, Madara’s influence didn’t make him any less violent. Although he was a horrible Shinobi, his power is undeniable. Many Shinobi fell to his knees.

6. Tobirama (Second Hokage)


Tobirama is Hashirama’s brother and one of Konoha’s most exceptional Hokage. He is also considered the greatest ninjutsu inventor of his time. His deepest desire was to keep Konohagakure stable . After all, the village was relatively new and was born out of a war that ended, so tensions in the area were still present. Before becoming a Hokage, Tobirama took care of the protection of Konoha .  He was 100% devoted to his brother’s wishes.

Tobiramawas an excellent user of Suiton, he could also create enormous volumes of water without a source. This ability was useful both for his village and in combat. Tobirama was also considered to be a very intelligent Shinobi who also possessed a wide range of techniques (including space-time ninjutsu and inyoton).

5. Gengetsu (Second Mizukage)


After the creation of the five villages, the role of each Kage was to maintain good relations with the neighboring villages. Despite the interest of a coalition, Gengetsu , the second Mizukage , got into a brutal feud with Mu, the second Tsuchikage. Gengetsu could summon a giant clam to attack his enemies and also wielded a powerful water-based oil capable of diluting abilities like sand.

As powerful as he was, his biggest flaw was his resentment towards Mu. This rage ended up ending their lives. We will recognize that he was a pillar for Kirigakure . 

4. Mu (Second Tsuchikage)


With the ability to make his chakra as well as himself invisible, Mu was one of the most powerful and dangerous sensory Kage in history. He was also able to kill ninjas before being discovered. His sensory abilities, his sword handling and his skills as an assassin made him a formidable Tsuchikage . Any invisible enemy is difficult to destroy.

His life came to an end because of his feud with the Kage, Gengetsu. They both lost their lives in their final fight. Otherwise, he could have continued to intimidate many enemies for many years to come.

3. Minato (Fourth Hokage)


 Namikaze is a Hokage renowned for his speed and charisma. People said he was the fastest ninja in history. Jiraiya even thought that “the Yellow Lightning” of Konoha, was the child of prophecy, destined to save the world. When Hiruzen appointed him the Fourth Hokage , no one was surprised.

Minato was a powerful Shinobi who cared deeply for his village and his family. After all, Minato died a hero saving both his son, Naruto, and the entire village of Konoha from the attack of the terrible biju, Kyubi.   Although his tenure was short, he represented what a good Kage should be.

2. Naruto (Seventh Hokage)


Protagonist of the anime and the manga Naruto, he is the most reckless shinobi of Konohagakure. Naruto is certainly the most sluggish Kage in this ranking. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he possesses immense power, between his own abilities and Kurama’s help.  A jinchuriki as a Kage is not uncommon, but Naruto is a  very balanced Hokage however . His kind heart and his hereditary power, mixed with his passion and perseverance, make him a very great Shinobi.

With deep chakra reserves, Rasengan, Kurama, Hermit Mode, Naruto is a monster of power for Konohagakure . He’s certainly not a perfect Hokage, but his good heart quickly makes up for his shortcomings.

1. Hashirama (First Hokage)


Hashirama Senju is the most respected Kage in our selection from the various Ninja Villages. Not only was he an incredibly powerful ninja, but he was also diplomatic enough to convince the various warring clans to unite into one village. It is important to note that he did not want to obtain the post ofHokage, but his people will eventually elect him.

An incredible ninja and leader, Hashirama was the greatestKagein history. He traded this world of warriors for a world of peace and created a dynasty of rulers. Even though the Ninja is not perfect, his achievements and abilities are endlessly impressive. There is no way it will fall into oblivion!